A sparrowhawk resting on a snowy branch.

Top Tips For Playing Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a great outdoors sport to play. Each player is given an active headband and a laser gun. If you are hit with a tag from someone else’s laser gun, then your active headband will register the hit and you will be out of the running. Your job as a player is to hit as many other players as possible while avoiding being tagged yourself. There are many different ways that Laser Tag can be enjoyed with team games, as well as solo shooting games where it is every man for himself, or even a version of hide and seek where the entire group attempt to hunt down a single player in the wooded arena. Given how versatile and high energy the game is, Laser Tag is a fantastic sport to enjoy for a celebration or just for fun, with each player trying to win the game. As the premise of the game allows for a single winner or a winning team in many of the plays, it can get competitive.  

While Laser Tag is a game that can be picked up fairly quickly by first time players, there are some tricks of the trade to keep in mind when you are playing in order to get the best result, from remembering to keep shooting to using your surroundings. This post will give you a few top tips for playing laser tag and winning! 

Dress for The Weather

This seems like a fairly obvious part of playing Laser Tag, but dressing in a way that allows you the freedom of movement you need to run and clamber around the laser tag arena while protecting you from the heat or cold, is essential to being able to win the game. If you are playing in cold weather, then bringing layers to put on or take off as required will help you regulate your temperature while you are outdoors. In summer, lightweight clothes will stop you overheating; making sure you wear long sleeves and sun cream will help protect you from sunburn as you enjoy the outdoors.  

Wearing solid shoes that can get muddy and have grip for when you are running, such as walking shoes or trainers will help keep you on your feet. Shoes like sandals can be great for the summer, but often don’t hold up well to outdoor exercise.  

Be Prepared

Whether it is bringing sun cream and a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes, or bringing a waterproof jacket for any days where the weather could take a turn for the worse, having the correct kit can ensure your Laser Tag experience is comfortable as well as successful. If you are going as a group, for a party or another event, then making sure each person has a list of things to bring for the event can help keep everyone organised. 

If you are going to be playing Laser Tag, remember that the game requires a lot of running around. Having a water bottle and some snacks packed in your bags for between games is a great way to stay in tip top shape for your next round.  

Have a Plan

Laser Tag can become a disorganised scramble very quickly when you have a lot of people playing, especially if you are playing a game like ‘capture the flag’ that involves teamwork. There are many different team scenarios that are often used to create a great Laser Tag game, and the key to succeeding as a team is to plan ahead. While it is true that most plans will be difficult to implement within a short time frame, having the bare bones of a strategy for your team mates to follow will likely help you to win. This can be as simple as allocating a guard for the flag, two team mates to hunt for the other team’s flag and designating the other team members to attempt to shoot and eliminate members of the other team. Having a goal will keep everyone focused and on target, while allowing for flexibility in decision making.   

Knowing where your other team mates are at any given time will also help reduce the chances of shooting at your own team members by accident.  

Keep Moving

Staying in place can seem like a good idea when you have found a good hiding spot, but moving around will allow you to learn about your surroundings and have more opportunities to take down your opponents. If you keep moving around while playing you will engage with the game and stay focused as you are using energy continuously.  

The best way to get more points is to stay mobile, use the cover around you such as the trees in the arena to hide from other players and get a good understanding of the arena. Being able to navigate around the area you are playing Laser Tag in is important for you to find and shoot your targets.  

Use Your Senses

In order to try and locate the other players, use all of your senses by listening and watching the area around you. Many of the players may be wearing a specific colour or shade that does not blend into a woodland environment, like pink or blue. Keeping an eye out for colours that can be spotted through cover may give away other players’ locations.  

While with paintball you will have limited ammo, Laser Tag doesn’t come with this issue. If you see an enemy player, fire as many times as you like.  

Have Fun!

While winning the game is great, Laser Tag is great fun regardless. Coming to play Laser Tag with a group of great friends is an opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy the outdoors. Catching up with friends while playing the game can be difficult, so going to rest in Bewl Water’s Waterfront Café after your Laser Tag session will allow you to recharge your energy with a hot chocolate and a chat. Our staff will do their utmost to make sure you have a great time playing Laser Tag with us, with a range of different games to enjoy.  

If you are considering booking a Laser Tag session at Bewl Water, then please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to discuss what our Laser Tag sessions include, as well as what to bring with you.