Bewl Water Fishing


Bewl Water is the largest reservoir in the South East, it has a history of large trout and pike as well as good sized perch.

Book Trout Fishing

Trout fishing is available seven days per week. Fly fishing is available from the bank as well as boats, any method fishing can only be done from boats.

Kayak Fishing

 Go places completely inaccessible by foot or too shallow for a motor boat, and fish for pike, trout, or perch throughout April – September.

Predator Fishing

Available from 30th October – 31st January, from boats only.

Fishing Reports

For up to date fishing reports.

Tackle Shop

Our well stocked shop has a large range of tackle to suit all needs.


Bewl Water provides fly fishing tuition on site using expert instructors who are fully qualified.


Frequently Asked Questions for Fishing at Bewl Water