Predator Fishing

Available from 30th October – 31st January, from boats only.

All fish must be returned alive. If a trout is caught and badly hooked, i.e. the fish is damaged, it should be killed and passed on to a member of the Bewl Water team.

Trout should not be targeted at any point during the fishing session, anglers found targeting trout or not obeying the predator permit rules will be asked to leave the water immediately with no refund given.

For more information call us on 01892 890352.



Predator season ticket - £190 (valid from 30th October – 31st January).

Single predator permit and boat hire: £36.00
Two predator permits and boat hire: £60.00
Three predator permits and boat hire: £79.00


Pike Fly Fishing

Fly-fishing for pike is available from the bank and boats at Bewl. Any method fishing with lures and plugs for pike is available from boats only. We have specific pike fishing days in the winter months where dead baits and trolling are allowed. Please note that this is not allowed at other times of the year. Please contact the tackle shop for further information.

The pike's welfare has to be taken into consideration and pike fishing will not been allowed at times when trout catch and release has been suspended due to high water temperatures (above 20˚C).