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Why Is Laser Tag A Popular Activity?

Originally created for military training activities, laser tag was adapted and offered to the public as a recreational activity due to the heightened interest in lasers and futuristic battles due to the premier of Star Trek. Since its beginning in the 1970s, laser tag has cemented itself as a fantastic activity for a variety of occasions. There are now laser tag arenas and brands for visitors to choose from all over the world.  

Laser tag is a fun and fast paced game where players use a laser gun to tag other players. This works by using special vests with sensors, if a player’s vest registers a hit then the player is considered dead for the rest of the scenario. If a player is hit with the laser, they will have to leave or go to the side of the laser tag arena as they are considered out of the game.  

The game parameters vary wildly from laser tag arena to arena, with many setting up games such as capture the flag, a man hunt – where everyone is hunting a single escapee, or a last man standing game where everyone must shoot each other until a final survivor is named the winner. These scenarios can be customised to fit groups of a variety of ages and experiences and is often compared to paintball, but with far less mess involved. 

While laser tag can be played outdoors or indoors, Bewl water laser tag takes place in the woods around the reservoir with plenty of places to hide and run.  

Improving technology  

With the technology used to create the laser guns and vests rapidly improving, the ability of the guns to hit targets accurately and over longer distances has taken great strides. With the receptor vests letting you know when you have been hit laser tag, is a fantastic way to enjoy a war game without the safety equipment required by paintball or pellet guns. 

The lasers or ‘phaser’ guns work by sending encoded laser beams of infrared light towards your opponents, the sensor will register the light and encode it as a hit. At the end of the game some models of laser guns will allow you to tally up the number of hits you managed to gain on your opponents.  

Tactical thinking and puzzle cracking 

The laser challenge allows for tactics such as hidden snipers or team charges, with many games proving that no plan survives contact with the enemy! Many laser tag arenas have games on offer for specific team competitions to build camaraderie.  

A similar game scenario that is often used in laser tag is called a puzzle game, where each team has to crack a code and reach an objective, without being taken out of the game by opposing teams. Much like a treasure hunt this is a fantastic way to test your problem solving and leadership skills.  


With the laser guns and outdoors environment, the laser challenge can be a great way to immerse yourself into a fantasy experience. From zombie attacks, Star Wars and black ops video games, online shooting and target games are immensely popular with players of all ages and many of the game scenarios are recreated in a laser tag challenge. Finding ways to channel that enthusiasm into the great outdoors is a more healthy way to enjoy your laser tag experience. Naming teams with a theme in mind, such as the enterprise crew or the resistance can help visitors immerse themselves into the experience.  

Much like renaissance fares or costume parties, laser tag offers the opportunity for participants to step out of their day to day lives and into a more exciting reality.  

Special occasions  

Laser tag is a popular activity for more adventurous party goers and is a fantastic way for new work teams, friendship groups or even bridesmaids to break the ice and bond. With groups being divvied up into teams to compete, this game is a fantastic way for people to get to know each other.  

Laser tag birthday parties for children can be fantastic. The excitement of competition and the immersive nature of laser tag is perfect for children’s parties, with many kids enjoying the imaginative aspect of the game. Another way of creating excitement during the game involves naming teams. Storm troopers and resistance fighters or DA and death eaters for example, take cues from popular films and can create a highly immersive experience for those invited.  

Fun for a variety of age groups  

Laser tag can be great fun for a variety of different ages and abilities.  

There are certain requirements that must be met in order to enjoy laser tag facilities, such as filling in a form informing the session leaders of any pertinent medical conditions or depending on the laser tag provider (for example Bewl has an 8+ policy for our laser challenge combatants). The no contact rule means the game is primarily tactical with no paint to clear off clothes or potential harm from projectiles.  

Team Building  

A surprising amount of work parties have been using laser tag as a way to promote team building. Ensuring your employees have good working relationships and using activities to build camaraderie is a great idea for any business.  

Laser tag requires good team communication, planning and the ability to work as an effective team with one member generally taking command. These are all skills that are highly transferable for business relationships and can act as a fantastic ice breaker for a new team.  

Far more exciting than the gym 

For many, increasing their personal fitness to ensure they remain healthy is a long term goal. This aside, weekly runs and trips to the gym can become monotonous, with many turning to alternate sports such as surfing, rock climbing or canoeing to get their dose of exercise in a far more fun and interactive way. 

Outdoors adventure  

Here at Bewl Water we offer laser tag challenges and organise games for our visitors. Our challenges take place in the woods around Bewl near the waterfront café giving our participants an immersive experience. Laser challenge offers a unique way to experience the outdoors, with our woods providing a lot of hiding places for our players and beautiful views of the reservoir for when your time is up.  

If you want to book a session with the Bewl Water laser challenge, then please contact us here. We have a variety of different activities for players to take part in for you to choose from on the day. Be sure to contact our lovely staff if you have any further questions.