Birthday Parties

Aqua Park Party

We regularly host birthday parties on the Aqua Park. We do not provide a party ‘host’, but you are welcome to book the number of spaces you would like.

Laser Challenge Party


Led by experienced staff in our outdoor battlefield area laser challenge is an awesome party for children aged 8+.

This immersive party includes games such as Team Deathmatch and Designated Survivor as participants battle it out for glory in an arena full of bunkers, boats, barrels and barriers.

We offer two types of party experience: Exclusive use is £300.00 for up to 20 players for 50 minutes of exhilarating play – parents can join in too!

To book your exclusive party please email us at or using our online booking system here.

Soft Play Party 

Exclusive sessions can be booked by booking all 30 places in each session at a cost of £150 per session.

Party food can be booked and eaten at a reserved table in our Café. No party food is allowed in the soft play area (we do allow a birthday cake only in soft play area).

To book onto one of our public one hour sessions, click here.