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Why Book With Bewl Water Aqua Park

With the spring season in full swing and the weather warming up, it is finally becoming feasible to spend time outdoors enjoying the sun. After spending much of the Covid pandemic facing restrictions and losing the opportunity to enjoy a lot of the outdoors activities available, the relaxing of these rules mean that fun is finally on the agenda. Here at Bewl Water we provide a range of watersports as well as opportunities for locals to cycle and hike around the reservoir.  

What Does Our Aqua Park Include?

The Bewl Water Aqua Park is a floating obstacle course that is set in the Bewl Water reservoir. The different obstacles offer opportunities for diving and swimming as well as other fun. While we do offer lifejackets to everyone who is using the Bewl Water Aqua Park, we do ask that everyone who enjoys the set-up is able to swim, as spending time on the water would be dangerous without the ability to swim and stay afloat.  

Here are ten reasons to book a session at the Bewl Water Aqua Park this spring and summer season: 

1. Celebrations

The Bewl Water Aqua Park offers a fantastic option for a celebration of an event such as a hen or stag party – perfect as an activity for a more adventurous group of people. The Aqua Park is a structure that is set up for adults as well as children, so can offer a good opportunity for the whole family to enjoy an outdoor celebration together.  

If you are booking the Bewl Water Aqua Park for a celebration, then consider booking a table with the Boathouse Bistro or going to visit the Waterfront Café for a warm hot chocolate after a cold dip in the reservoir. 

2. Adventure

For children a water obstacle course like the Aqua Park can be a fantastic adventure to spend time exploring, from a pirate ship sailing the open sea to a fairy tale castle complete with a dragon. Imagination and play are great ways for children to expand their creative talents and social skills.  

The towers, slides and other obstacles of the Aqua Park can create the perfect adventure for young children to explore together, perfect for a weekend treat.  

3. Team Building

The obstacles set up as part of the Aqua Park make for a fantastic team building opportunity, whether it is for a group of children (a school football team perhaps) or a corporate team building exercise.  

Team building using tools such as outdoor exercise or games can be a great way to get to know the other people in each team and improve how well they can work together.  

4. Water Sports

Spending time on Bewl Water is a perfect summer weather activity, with a range of watersports available to those who visit the reservoir. Bewl Water Aqua Park offers an incredible opportunity to enjoy the water and the natural surroundings of Bewl Water.  

Booking a slot on the Bewl Water Aqua Park out on the water is often a very exciting part of a holiday. Spending time swimming in the reservoir and tackling the obstacles adds to the fun of the trip.  

5. Range of Ages

Bewl Water Aqua Park allows guests of a variety of ages to enjoy the wonderful spring and summer weather. As long as a child is above the age of six and is accompanied by an adult, they can enjoy the park.  

While Bewl Water Aqua Park is popular with children, the park has plenty to offer adults who book a session for an event.  

6. Family Bonding

Bewl Water Aqua Park can offer the whole family a wonderful day out together. With school and work often getting in the way of quality time spent as a family, booking a session with Bewl Water Aqua Park is a great way to bond. The park has slides, towers and a range of other obstacles, perfect for families with young children to enjoy together.  

Everyone can participate in the fun! 

7. Hand Eye Co-ordination

With a range of obstacles such as slides, towers, steps and climbing walls to tackle, the Bewl Water Aqua Park offers plenty of opportunities to improve your hand-eye coordination.  

The obstacles are sure to get your heart racing as you make your way around the park, with plenty of different areas in the park that require good hand-eye coordination to conquer.

8. Enjoy the Weather

With the warm spring weather enticing us all outdoors there is plenty to celebrate in terms of the weather. With summer quickly approaching it is important to spend time together enjoying the sun.  

To ensure your trip doesn’t end with sunburn, be sure to use waterproof sun cream before heading out to enjoy the Bewl Water Aqua Park. 

9. Fitness

The obstacles at Bewl Water Aqua Park, as well as the beautiful reservoir to swim in after using the slide, offer great ways to improve your fitness. The park provides plenty of opportunities to improve your physical fitness while having fun.  

Sometimes exercise can seem like a chore, but booking a spot at the Aqua Park offers a great way to exercise while enjoying yourself with friends and family.  

10. Children’s Parties

The park makes a fantastic choice as a party location, as the water and the park itself act as an incredible playground for children to enjoy. Once your guests have worn themselves out enjoying the Aqua Park, Bewl has the Waterfront Café for those visiting the reservoir to visit for a coffee as well as plenty of space for a picnic in the sunshine.  

If you are planning a trip to Bewl Water to enjoy the Aqua Park, then please book a place here. If you have any questions about the Bewl Water Aqua Park experience, then please contact us here. Our staff will be happy to discuss the details.