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Children’s Party Ideas at Bewl Water

A child’s birthday is an event that they look forward to celebrating with their friends and classmates throughout the year. With so much excitement associated with the event, it can be difficult to plan, despite the party being lots of fun. Especially when you are planning for a group of young children. A children’s birthday party is almost always celebrated with a few key staples that we all know and love – a birthday cake with candles, games like pass the parcel and colourful decorations in the form of balloons and streamers. A party centred around an activity can bring a lot of excitement to the event and allow your guests to explore something new. From picnic parties to our incredible Aqua Park, Bewl Water has a wide range of facilities and activities that are perfect for a children’s party event.  

While planning a children’s party can be a lot of fun it can be difficult to manage a lot of kids by yourself. If you are organising an outdoors event, asking if other parents and friends would be willing to come along and help to supervise the event can help reduce stress and help ensure that everything goes smoothly. Many of the activities that Bewl Water offers, such as the Aqua Park and Laser Tag, are supervised by experienced staff members who will help you to manage the crowd throughout the event.   

Soft Play  

Soft Play is an indoor play area made with soft materials and made safe for children to explore and enjoy. With slides and tunnels to crawl through, Soft Play can be a great party idea for younger children. Catering for children from ages 0-8, our Soft Play centre at the Waterfront Centre offers a great activity for a children’s party. The Bewl Water Soft Play has two different levels and a range of obstacles that can be enjoyed by children during a birthday party session.  

The Soft Play is located in the main Bewl Water building next to the car park, with the Waterfront Café and the toilets (as well as baby changing facilities) located within easy walking distance. If you or the other parents are interested in a quick snack or a coffee, the Waterfront Café is open at the same time as our Soft Play – perfect for a quick break and a chat.  

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a great game for children of a range of ages, as well as adults, to enjoy. Allowing you to enjoy the outdoors during a fast-paced and high energy game is a great way to kick off a birthday party. What better way for the kids to burn off excess energy than by running around in the woods? 

While Laser Tag is competitive, there is a range of different games, including team-based scenarios such as ‘capture the flag’, or solo games where each player must battle to be the last one standing. While you should emphasise that any kids taking part should dress for the outdoors, all equipment you need for the game is provided here at Bewl.  

Wilderness Walk

When planning a birthday party for young kids, can there be anything better than taking them to explore the outdoors? While the full walk around Bewl may be difficult for smaller children there are plenty of shorter routes around the reservoir to explore. Bewl reservoir is home to a wide variety of wild species that children can have fun trying to spot.  

Bringing cameras with you to take pictures of the different species you spot throughout the walk, or booklets for identifying and sketching plants you come across, is a great way to help your guests gain an interest in the natural world. There are very few children who don’t like playing outdoors; hunting for insects and interesting plants is a fantastic way to help your children engage with the world around them.  


A picnic is great fun no matter your age. Taking a picnic basket filled with food and having lunch while sat on a blanket outdoors is a wonderful experience. Creating picnic food to bring with you on a sunny day is always fantastic. Here at Bewl Water we have the Waterfront Café, which provides a range of drinks and food that are perfect for a picnic.  

Holding your child’s birthday party outdoors allows them to run and use a lot more space in their games. Games such as tag, capture the flag, pass the parcel and statues are always great fun for a birthday party. If you are holding an outdoors birthday event, remember to bring a bin bag with you for any wrappers or other rubbish to be tidied away once your party is finished.  

Aqua Park

Our Aqua Park is a perfect birthday treat for adventurous kids to explore and enjoy. With a variety of obstacles, this inflatable water park offers a chance to enjoy the water and explore the course. The obstacles include a cliff, balance bar, dome and monkey bars, as well as a range of slides and towers. 

If you are arranging an Aqua Park activity for your child’s group of friends, asking how proficient they are in the water is key. In order to gain access to the Aqua Park our guests have to swim to reach it, which means all guests using the park should be proficient swimmers.  


Most people will have fond childhood memories of camping out with friends over the summer. If your children haven’t been on a camping holiday before, then holding a one-night camp-out can be a great new experience to organise for a birthday party. There are plenty of games that can be organised throughout the evening, from a game of rounders to a chocolate treasure hunt.  

Our Bewl Water camping offer a variety of tent pitches with all facilities a short distance away. For the adventurous who prefer a little luxury our Bewl Water Yurts, accommodating a family of four, are available to hire. 

If you are interested in planning a children’s party at Bewl Water, please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to discuss the options available to you and what the procedures are for booking a party with us.