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Outdoor Hen Party Ideas

Although the global Covid-19 pandemic has meant many weddings due to be held in 2020 and 2021 have either been postponed or drastically altered, there have still been a number of weddings that will go ahead and with advice about the pandemic centering around being outside, it has never been a better time to plan an outdoor hen party!

Here at Bewl Water, we have had a number of requests for bridal parties looking for an outdoor hen party in the Kent area. Here are some great options for using Bewl Water as your outdoor hen party venue:

Laser challenge

Laser challenge is a family-friendly game. Everyone competing is given a laser gun, and you all wear a monitor which counts the shots that have been made. You can play all sorts of game types, such as manhunt, attack and defend deathmatch, last man standing, hunt and VIP to name a few. All of these games are great fun and require different tactics to win.

These games run between 10am and 4pm so are perfect as a hangover cure from the night before! The built-up forest area makes for the perfect, dash-to-cover environment and allows for ambushes and defensive strategies – adding a great deal to the occasion.

Aqua Park

One of the most underrated yet brilliant choices if you are looking for a hen party in Kent, is the Bewl Water aqua park. The aqua park isn’t as you might imagine it. It’s not just about slides and water guns, it’s also about 2,400 square feet of inflatables. We have ice towers and springboards, twists, balance bars, cliffs, monkey bars and huge slides. We also have domes, hurdles, roundabouts and a great deal more!

This is a fantastic hen party activity – there are a range of games you can play and you are faced with the additional challenge of staying dry. Bewl Water’s aqua park in Kent is now 30% larger than it was before – with extensive renovation and multiple additions, there are new challenges and lots of fantastic opportunities to make it a most memorable day out.

Hen-fest camping

Going outside camping is a great outdoor hen party activity. This is one last opportunity to be truly single, independent and with your girls. Take some snacks with you, flashlights, a few drinks and just chat the night away. At Bewl Water there are lots of opportunities to make a day of it – try to catch some fish by the river, go hiking up the hills, and take photos of your trip.

We believe outdoor hen parties are the way to go. You have a multitude of options at your disposal and you can have a wonderful experience with your friends before you walk down the aisle!

If you are looking for outdoor hen party ideas and inspiration then get in touch by calling our friendly and helpful team on 01892 890000.