A walker posing with his dog.

What Are The Benefits Of Regular Runs

Here at Bewl Water we have a fantastic trail around the reservoir, perfect for your weekly run. Passing through Kent and Sussex, the route is used daily by walkers, cyclists and riders, and on the reservoir itself there is a range of different watersports for our guests to enjoy. Running is a popular pastime for both fitness and enjoyment; with the beautiful surroundings in Kent and Sussex there are plenty of wonderful areas for runners to explore. Areas such as the South Downs or Cuckmere Haven are incredibly beautiful areas to visit for a run. With a variety of paths to explore, running is constantly engaging as you explore new spaces. Make sure, if the route you are running intersects with a road at any point, that you wear a fluorescent safety jacket so that drivers will notice you. 

There are many enthusiastic runners across the UK and around the world, as many try and schedule in at least one run per week. Like many other forms of exercise, running is a fantastic way to ensure that you stay fit and healthy. With many sports requiring equipment such as a bicycle, or other people to participate with you such as netball, running is a solo activity that is completely free of any extra costs. There is a large running community in most locations, making it easy to meet friends and engage with other people through running competitions or clubs where you can meet others with the same interest in running and their fitness. 

Here are a few great benefits that regular runs should offer you: 

1. Fitness

One of the most important aspects of fitness is the options it gives for further sports or activities by improving your strength. Your fitness can have an impact on your day to day life, and good fitness levels are associated with good health generally.  

2. Improved Health

Running regularly is shown to improve your overall health. with those who run regularly having better cardiovascular health with lower blood pressure and improved muscular strength and lung capacity. Ensuring you book in time for a regular run each week will help you stay fit and improve your health over time. Many of the effects are gradual, but if you create a good routine you will soon start seeing positive effects.  

3. Stress relief

With Covid 19 and other stresses over the past few years making it difficult to be worry free in your day to day life, it can be difficult to find the time and space to destress. Spending time outdoors and exercising regularly can be great ways to reduce your stress, with running acting as a great outlet of you are feeling under pressure.

4. Physical Strength

Having increased physical fitness due to regular runs can make other activities such as hiking, watersports or skiing more accessible for you. Good fitness boosts your energy levels, endurance and muscular strength, all of which can improve your day to day life.  

5. Meet Friends

Planning a weekly run with your friends can be a great way to stay in touch and encourage each other to stick to your targets and achieve your goals. Setting a time to meet with friends before and after your run (perhaps for a coffee in the Waterfront Café) can act as motivation to head out even if you are not really feeling in the mood for a run.   

6. Enjoy The Outdoors

Spending time appreciating the natural beauty of the world around us is a benefit of regular runs, many trails taking you through incredible landscapes that you can enjoy. If you run daily, you can explore a range of outdoor space. Spending time outside in green spaces is shown to improve the mental health of those who spend significant amounts of time outdoors.  

7. Improved Mental Health

When you exercise, your body releases hormones such as adrenaline and serotonin that boost your mood and can improve your mental health. Regular exercise is a good thing for both physical and mental health, as the outdoor exercise can improve your quality of sleep and the routine of running every few days is not difficult to maintain.  

8. Compete

When you first start running, making sure you have a goal can help you motivate yourself to continue. Setting targets for different competitions and trips, such as a run along a specific trail in the Lake District, or a marathon run to raise money for charity, can give you a concrete goal to work towards, and once you have achieved your goal the sense of accomplishment can be a great benefit.  

9. Community

There is a large community of runners in the Kent and Sussex areas, with a variety of running clubs and group activities such as runs to raise awareness that are organised in Kent and Sussex each year. If you are just starting running as a sport, then finding the local running community and visiting a running club can be a fantastic way to engage with like-minded enthusiasts. Having a support group cheering you on can make the transition in your lifestyle far easier for you to manage. 

10. Explore

Running is a fantastic way to explore your local area. Try running at least one new route each week, and eventually you will have a great ‘library’ of tracks and trails to choose from. While not all of the routes you try will be a new favourite, you will likely find a few hidden gems that you will enjoy running down year after year.  

If you are planning on running regularly at Bewl Water, then have a look at our handy map before you head out. If you need anything else to help ensure you have a good time running at Bewl Water Reservoir, then please contact us here. Our staff will do our best to help you with any questions you may have.