A walker posing with his dog.

Ten Outdoor Activities For Bank Holidays

A bank holiday acts as an opportunity for people around the country to take a break from work and enjoy themselves as they take a day out to explore their local area, enjoy a sport or even just relax at home. Bank holidays are national public holidays that are often held on days of specific significance such as Easter or Christmas, but there are a few bank holidays which are intended to give you time away from your desk during the spring and summer. Long weekend breaks and the excitement of activities such as canoeing or fishing can bring a new dimension to your days off.  

With the heat ramping up and making the prospect of spending time outside much more interesting, thousands are heading out to the wild to enjoy the sun this year. With lockdown restrictions mostly over there are many activities that are available to try out. Here are ten fantastic activities to try on your next bank holiday.  

1. Hiking

Bewl Water reservoir has an incredible walking track that takes visitors on a 12 ½ mile route around the reservoir. The route will take walkers across a range of surfaces and ecosystems, with plenty to see throughout the loop. The whole route will generally take six hours for walkers who go at a decent speed, but if you are not a regular hiker or have young children with you it will likely take even longer.  

A day spent hiking with your friends and family can be a fantastic way to enjoy your summer holiday. If you want to view the map of the route, follow the link here.  

2. Cycling

Whether you bring your own bike or use our bike hire facilities, taking a day out to cycle around the incredible Bewl Water can be a great opportunity to explore. Cycling makes travelling large distances on a trail far faster and easier than it is to walk.  

Bringing the whole family out on a cycling trip is a wonderful bonding experience and can give you the opportunity to bring a picnic out on your trip with you. There are few things as enjoyable as a bank holiday cycling out in the sun. To find out about bike hire at Bewl Water, follow the link here 

3. Swimming

Open water swimming is a great way to cool down and enjoy the outdoors on your bank holiday. While open water swimming can be dangerous without a lifeguard around, swimming on Bewl Water is supervised in case you get into trouble while swimming.  

While many go open water swimming to prepare for events like the triathlon, open water swimming can be great fun to try just for a day to spend some quality time outside. To learn more about open water swimming at Bewl Water, please follow the link here 

4. Canoeing

Canoeing is great fun for a bank holiday weekend, whether you decide to book canoes to take out onto the reservoir yourselves or decide to try a taster session with the Bewl Water Canoe Club. With experienced instructors to head out with you and help you find a good rhythm, the Bewl Water reservoir makes for a perfect canoeing spot.  

The Bewl Canoe Club runs a range of group activities on the reservoir that offer a fantastic opportunity to expand your skills and improve over a weekend or bank holiday. To find out more about canoeing, follow the link here 

5. Glamping

If you want to enjoy your long weekend to the fullest, taking a short glamping holiday can be a fantastic way to bond with your partner, friends or family. Our incredible yurts are set up with a small wood burning fire to warm up your yurt, a double bed and two single beds. 

With a range of activities to engage in while you stay with us, booking a yurt to stay in can offer you an exciting and unique bank holiday weekend. To find out more about our yurts, follow the link here.  

6. Sailing

Bewl Water reservoir is home to the Bewl Water Sailing Club, an incredible organisation that is popular with both leisure sailors and competitive sailors across the South East. As by far the largest inland body of water in the South East, as well as weekly sailing events we have plenty to offer those interested in joining us.  

Sailing is a fantastic family activity for you to learn together, whether it is in preparation for a holiday abroad or to compete. To find out more, please follow the link here.  

7. Fishing

Fishing is a great summer activity, with the trout and other local fish species active and in perfect condition. Whether you are interested in fly fishing from the banks of our lovely reservoir or are booking a boat to head out onto the reservoir for a fishing session, we will be delighted to have you on your bank holiday weekend.  

Before fishing at Bewl please remember to book your permit. To find out more please follow the link here.  

8. Paddleboarding

Here at Bewl Water, with the large area to explore and the lack of waves that you would get paddleboarding on the ocean, heading out on the water to paddleboard with family or friends is a fantastic way to enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend in the sun.  

If you would like to book a paddleboard session at Bewl Water or find out more about what we have to offer you, then please follow the link here.  

9. Camping

A long weekend spent camping and doing outdoor activities such as hiking, bird watching or fishing is a fond memory that many of us will look back on from our own childhood. If you want to organise a family adventure for your bank holiday weekend, then a camping trip can be a fantastic option to capitalise on the sunny weather.  

Here at Bewl Water you can booking your camping trip in advance, while organising some activities to enjoy on the reservoir. To learn about the camping site at Bewl Water, please follow the link here.  

10. Aqua Park

The Bewl Water Aqua Park offers an opportunity to enjoy a floating obstacle course with your family and friends. We will accept bookings from those of a range of ages, so the whole family will likely be able to enjoy the aqua park.  

To find out more about the Aqua Park, please follow the link here.  

If you are considering a visit to Bewl Water and have any questions regarding the activities we offer then, please contact us here. Our lovely staff will be delighted to discuss any questions you have and book you in for a fantastic family adventure.