If you would like to take part in group-canoeing events at the reservoir then joining Bewl Canoe Club might be for you. The club welcomes people of all ages and experience and is suited to all levels.

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Paddle boarding   

Paddleboards are permitted on our water here providing users comply with our health and safety regulations. SUP users at Bewl Water must obtain Stand up Paddleboard Insurance which covers third party liability.  Prior to launching all paddle boarders must visit the fishing shop to display a copy of their insurance for proof of cover. Users will then have the choice of purchasing a day launch pass or annual membership from the fishing shop.  Paddle boarders must also wear a buoyancy aid at all times whilst on the water and stay within view of the fishing shop where the water is monitored.

Paddle boarders may launch from the beach area next to the sailing slipway.

Please note we do not allow inflatable kayaks or canoes at Bewl Water.