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Great Activities For A Stag Do

When planning a stag do, often the first thought is to arrange a bar crawl or a night out on the town with all your friends going with you. But often spending the day together in the run up to the big night can give you the opportunity to book in some fantastic activities and competitions to participate in. Here at Bewl Water reservoir we offer a range of incredible activities to participate in that are a fantastic choice for a party, such as the Aqua Park 

This article will give you a few ideas that could help you plan a fantastic bachelor party for your friend, one that you will all remember for years to come.  

What Is A Stag Do?

A stag do, often also known as a bachelor’s party, is all about celebrating your pal’s transition from a bachelor to a married man. Weddings offer a fantastic opportunity for friends and family to get together and enjoy each other’s company, but while the wedding is obviously all about the couple and their new lives together, the stag do is to celebrate the time leading up to that point and is often stated to be a celebration of an end to a specific era in the groom’s life.  

A wide range of activities can be organised for a stag do, depending on the budget you have available and the personal preferences of the group. Some will book a week abroad as a bachelor’s party, whereas others will simply spend a weekend together. Outdoor activities are perfect for a stag do, as they get everyone’s blood pumping and can be a good opportunity to introduce everyone, especially if you have friends attending from different parts of the country who perhaps don’t know each other well.  

Here are a few activities from Bewl Water for you to consider when you are planning your stag do: 

1. Aqua Park 

Aqua Park is a great stag do activity to book, offering a dynamic outdoor obstacle course for those of all ages to enjoy. With towers to jump off and a range of different obstacles such as slides, climbing walls and guard towers, there is plenty for all your guests to enjoy. The Aqua Park can provide lockers for people who want to store dry clothes or other items while they are enjoying the Aqua Park; bringing your own padlock from home can help ensure that your things remain safe in the lockers.  

If you are planning on coming to Bewl Water to enjoy the Aqua Park for your stag do, please be sure to book your slot well in advance of the day to avoid disappointment. Once you have enjoyed your hour spent out on the Aqua Park, make sure to pop into the Waterfront Café for a coffee or hot chocolate to warm up. 

2. Canoeing

The Bewl Water Canoe Club is a fantastic organisation that offers regular practice to those interested in canoeing as a leisure activity, as well as hosting taster sessions for those who want to enjoy some time paddling on Bewl Water without joining the club.  

Canoeing is a lot of fun, particularly on warm sunny days, and this group activity is a great way to start off your day. If you are more interested in paddleboarding as a start to your day, then we also offer paddleboards that you and your friends can hire to take out onto Bewl Water reservoir.  

3. Laser Challenge 

Laser Challenge is a fantastic way to kick off a stag do outdoors, offering a variety of options for games, competitions and races to be held in our outdoor wooded area. Many games such as Manhunt, Last man standing or Hunt the VIP are perfect for a stag do. The vests used during the match register the laser tag hitting the player, making it far more clean than games such as paintball matches. 

Our sessions are each run for 50 minutes and offer a great start to your day, promoting teamwork and involving everyone in the fun. If you want to learn more about our Laser Challenge, please follow the link here 

4. Fishing 

Here at Bewl Water fishing is a very popular activity, with avid anglers coming to fish at the reservoir multiple times a year. We offer fly fishing from the banks, and if you are interested in regular fishing, then we have boats that can be booked out for groups to take out on the reservoir. This is a relatively calm activity for an event that is usually as rowdy as a stag do, but for calmer groups of friends this can be a fantastic way to unwind before the big day.  

Before fishing at Bewl Water be sure to get a permit and consider which would work best for your party. If any of your group aren’t practised at fishing and don’t have any kit, all the necessary equipment is offered for hire at the tackle shop at Bewl Water.  

If you are planning a bachelor’s party at Bewl Water, then please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to help you plan your day of activities as well as accommodation, such as one of our incredible yurts, to ensure you have a stag do to remember.