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Five New Hobbies to start in the New Year

2022 is right and around the corner, you may be feeling a lot of mixed emotions as the New Year approaches us. You might be having a lot of thoughts of resolutions you want to do running through your head or maybe you are just desperate to make 2022 your year.

A new year is a fresh start, a new beginning, and a time to start becoming the best version of yourself. December is the ideal month to start jotting down ideas of what you want to achieve in the New Year for example taking up a new hobby. Bewl Water is the place to be when wanting to start something new or out of your comfort zone, the possibilities are endless from simply taking up long walking, to the thrill of being out on the water. With our list of watersports, there is always something for everyone, even if you’re starting with a small hobby or pushing your limits with a time consuming one.

Boat storage at Bewl Water

 1. Walking– The Benefits of walking, as I’m sure you know, are endless. Mentally and physically walking helps us so much, even more so in the winter. Taking in the beautiful views while breathing in the crisp fresh winter air can reduce stress levels significantly. There are some amazing walks in and around Kent that you can venture on, including our walks here at Bewl Water, with over 12 miles to explore alone or with family and furry friends. The amazing part of taking a walk around Bewl Water is the picturesque views, you can’t feel stressed while looking at the glistening water of our reservoir. Perhaps you want to go somewhere with more of a country estate feel? Salomons Estate in Kent, Southborough is an ideal place to head when you’re in need of a walk and then delicious afternoon tea. With 36 acres of gardens and woodland to discover this Victorian manor house will take your breath away. The activity of walking as we know is beneficial but it’s clear to see that it is also the nature around us that can be so mentally and physically healing. There are several studies that show how important fresh air is for our health, it helps your digestive system which intern may help you lose weight if that is your desired goal this new year. There are other health benefits such as, improving your immune system, helping your lungs and actually increasing happiness, the fresher air you get, the more oxygen you will breathe which will increase the amount of serotonin (the happy hormone) you inhale, consequently making you happier.

Path through leaves and trees

2. Fishing – Fishing is a great hobby to start in the New Year, it is a hobby for any age, any background, anyone. You can fish as a one-man-band or as a group, there are no limits. Fishing is the ideal hobby if you’re feeling drained of 2021 and you need a fresh start, it boosts self-esteem and purpose. You also make friends while fishing because there is more than likely someone else near you who clearly has a similar interest and enjoys the same hobby as you. As previously mentioned, being outside is incredibly good for you, especially in the winter when the daylight is so short, it gives you the fresh air you need and also helps improve your mental focus and concentration. Fishing is known for bringing people together, it’s people who share the same interests all reaching for one goal (the perfect catch) and achieving pure peace while doing so. It can also bring generations together the new younger fishermen or the more experienced men all come together and chat about the hobby that they love. It is clear to see fishing is the perfect hobby to take up in the New Year, so give it a go.

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3. Winter Water Sports– Now bracing the cold water during winter may not sound like something that floats your boat (pun unintended) but, there are a lot of benefits to taking up a winter water sport as a new hobby in 2022. Starting simple, open water swimming! It may sound scary but open water swimming is incredibly good for you and fun. Swimming, in general, is very good for aiding weight loss, but swimming in cold water increases your metabolic rate, intern potentially helps you lose weight. Dopamine levels have also been proven to increase at a huge rate of 250% when swimming in the water of 14C. However, it’s not all about how good open water swimming is for you, it’s also really fun! You get to be out in the fresh air with new people who are interested in taking up a new hobby, which of course means you make new friends. Perhaps you are wanting to push the limits and try something a bit more fast-paced like windsurfing. There are a fair few reasons as to why windsurfing is such a good hobby to take up, one being that it’s fairly easy to learn and start. Windsurfing is very instant, as soon as you have the hang of holding up the sail you are off! There is no holding back, it’s great for people who have a habit of holding themselves back, windsurfing is an activity that you just have to go for it when you’re on the water. So, if you’re feeling like starting a fast-paced hobby in 2022 windsurfing is definitely the one for you.

4. Cycling – It’s no new news that cycling is a great hobby to take up, we all know it’s great for your mental and physical health. The great thing about cycling is anyone can start at any age; most people know how to ride a bike, so it’s a hobby you can already do it’s just a case of finding nice places to go and cycle, even joining groups of other keen cyclists. There are plenty of areas in and around Kent that you can go to enjoy a long cross country bike ride. For example, Bewl water has a twelve-and-a-half-mile route around the reservoir to walk or cycle, this is the perfect route to take if you’re wanting a cross country long cycle.

Three bikes

5. Exploring – Starting a hobby can be daunting, especially when you’re not familiar with your local areas so it’s helpful to start exploring before taking up a new hobby. Whatever area you are in, there will be plenty of outdoor walks and fields that have footpaths to follow. Knowing more about your local area is always beneficial, it gives you so much more freedom knowing there are areas you can escape to when you need some much-needed fresh air and space outside.

Remember 2022 is a New Year and a new start, time to make this year the best you can. Explore and create adventures at Bewl Water in 2022.

By Jess Porter