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Top Ten Summer Activities Around Bewl Water

With the glorious summer sun, we have all been looking for outdoors activities to try. With the new relaxation of the lockdown restrictions, many of the more popular summer activities at Bewl are re-opening. The Bewl reservoir is the largest stretch of open water in the Southeast of England, making it the perfect spot for water sports.  

Whether you are an avid swimmer, interested in learning how to sail or simply looking for a nice walking route for a Saturday jaunt we have plenty for you to investigate. With thousands coming to Bewl each year to walk and cycle, in this article I will list the top ten summer activities for visitors to Bewl.  

Laser Tag 

Laser tag is a fantastic game for parties of all ages and is often an activity chosen for hen and stag parties, as well as children’s birthday celebrations. The premise of laser tag is that each player receives a vest and a ‘laser gun’, when shooting at a target with the laser the vest will register that you have been shot and will remove you from the game. This premise can be combined into a variety of different games, such as team competitions or last one left alive wins.  

Our laser tag experience is enhanced by its beautiful forest location, with the trees and landscape offering plenty of cover. With our contestants competing using laser guns rather than paint bullets, there is no fixed dress code, although you may want to wear sensible outdoors shoes and clothes with full coverage. While you won’t be hit with paint bullets, the forest as all kinds of hazards if you are running around.  


Here at Bewl we have a gorgeous 12 ½ mile circular track that is popular with cyclists of all ages and abilities. The route will generally take between 2 or 3 hours while cycling, but if you are taking young children along with you it may take longer. Cycling is a fantastic way to experience the outdoors, with many enjoying the excitement of heading out for the day with a packed lunch on their back.  

Suitable for a variety of ages and abilities, cycling is a fantastic family activity. As cycling covers ground faster than walking, it can make the Bewl water route more accessible for those with less time to spend completing the whole route.  

At Bewl we offer bicycles for hire for those that do not own their own, or are on holiday for the weekend. Or dedicated and professional staff will ensure you have all the equipment you need before heading off.  

Aqua Park  

Bewl waters Aqua Park is a fantastic activity for visitors to enjoy for a party or event. Available for a variety of ages, this inflatable course is perfect for those interested in more adventurous activities. Perfect for children’s birthday parties, or even hen and stag do’s the Aqua park is fantastic fun.  

We ask that all those participating in the Aqua park experience be able to swim confidently. While we provide lifejackets for everyone taking part in the experience, it will be unsuitable for poor swimmers.   

Open Water Swimming  

Here at Bewl water we offer supervised open water swimming.  This is a very popular outdoor activity, especially in the summer when the reservoir is warmer for swimmers to enjoy. Swimming outdoors can be difficult to get used to so many use it as an opportunity to train for a triathlon. Swimming outdoors can be a wonderful experience, allowing you to feel refreshed and relaxed.  

We have lifeguards watching any swimmers closely in case of an accident, so you can swim without worry of an accident.  


Fishing is a very popular summer activity at Bewl, with hundreds of fishermen coming to the reservoir each year to fish from the banks and boats alike. We offer fishing equipment for hire at Bewl, as well as lessons for newcomers to the sport. Fostering new enthusiastic fishing enthusiast is something we are eager to do.  

Please take note that we ask you to buy a permit before fishing in our reservoir and stick to the restrictions in place. Our reservoir is a protected natural environment so if too many fish are caught it can damage the ecosystem.  


Sailing classes and experiences are available all year around at Bewl water. While we offer sailing courses all year, it is during the summer that they are most enjoyable, with the sun and forest surroundings creating fantastic sailing conditions.  

We offer sailing classes for children from the beginners level all the way up to a team that competes on the national circuit. Whether you are a newcomer to sailing or experienced on the water we have a place for you.  


Our campsite provides excellent facilities and a wonderful outdoors experience for our campers. Whether you live close by or are in Kent on Holiday we will be happy to welcome you to our campsite.  

Camping is a classic summer activity, with almost everyone having camped out at least once. Many families choose to camp when on holiday due to the reduced accommodation costs of camping holidays, but they also offer a way to immerse yourself in your natural environment while outside.  


Canoeing offers a great way to explore the water, from reservoirs and rivers, to lakes and the sea, these multipurpose vessels are a fantastic way to explore the UK’s waterways. Bewl reservoir offers lessons in how to use a canoe – the reservoir has calm waters and is a fantastic place to practice before attempting to kayak on the open ocean.  

The Bewl water canoeing club offers a great way into the sport and plenty of group activities for you to try.  

Paddle boarding 

Paddle boarding is among the fastest growing water sports in the UK. With the ease of use and availability for all ages, paddle boarding is a fun summer activity for the whole family to take part in. They are easy to balance on and steer, allowing even novice paddle boarders to head out on the water to explore! 

Paddle boarding is far more leisurely than many of the other activities listed and is suitable for young children and those with less practice out on the water.  


Bewl has a beautiful trail that loops around the reservoir, taking walkers over the dam. The full Bewl water route is 12 ½ miles long and will take roughly six hours to complete. If you do not have the time to walk the entire route or have young children with you there are a variety of shorter loops that cross paths with the main route.  

Hiking is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors, and when you have finished your walk the Bewl water cafe will be there if you wish to stop for a coffee before you leave.