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The Benefit of Kids’ Camps for Children

It is coming to that time of year again where children start to get excited for the long Easter break ahead of them! It’s time to start planning how to keep them entertained throughout the holidays. You want the kids to embrace the outdoors, have a fun time, not spend a fortune, however, you still need to work and carry on with your everyday life.

So what about an Easter Camp? Sending your child to a camp at Easter would not only allow you to continue with your everyday life, it will also teach your child independence, allow them to experience new things and meet new people whilst learning on the go! Below we have listed a few reasons why sending your child to a camp is incredibly beneficial.


Develop Independence

Your children will develop independence as you are giving your child an opportunity to be without you and not rely on you all the time. Meanwhile this will help them grow in confidence, they will become more interactive and improve on their social skills.


Find New Interests

At camps children find lots of new interests as they experience new things and take part in activities they would never normally take part in. This can develop into a new interest or hobby that they would like to keep up and progress in. Children will have the chance to experience ‘true’ childhood as they take part in outdoors activities as opposed to being stuck indoors on tablets and an X-Box all day. Children will experience being in the outdoors, getting dirty, making up adventures and stories as they spend their day full laughing and playing with friends!


New Friends

Kids will get the chance to meet new friends outside of their friends from school which helps to broaden social circles. The friendships children make at camps are different to friendships at school and teams as the children are together without the distractions from constant technology. Lifelong friends will be made with memories and experiences that they shared together!

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Mental Simulation and Physical Activity

During long holidays it is common that children suffer with learning loss, when children haven’t been at school for such a long holiday it can sometimes be harder to pick back up where they were when they left school. Alongside mental stimulation, kids’ camps are also great for promoting physical activity as children get involved with activities such as cycling, den building and nature walks.

So what are you waiting for? Book your child in to an Easter Camp now for them to have the time of their life and make life-long friends!


Bewl Water’s Easter camps are running throughout the Easter holidays and sessions will run every Monday, Thursday and Friday. The kids’ camp will give your child the chance to explore new activities and have fun! Our activities include a huge range from Ultimate Frizby to Laser Tag Challenge, rounder’s or practising driving in our min ranger’s cars, there is so much more as well, an endless amount of fun is to be had!

Don’t let your children miss out on bundles of fun! For more information on Kids Camps or to book you children in call us on 01892 621532 or email us

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