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International Have fun at Work Day at Bewl Water!

Join us in celebrating International have fun at work day on Sunday the 28th January.

Often celebrated on the Friday before, due to many offices closing for the weekend, the awareness day allows you to promote fun in the workplace and can act as a bit of a team building activity as well!

As Bewl Water is 7 days a week, we’ve decided to keep to tradition and celebrate on Sunday!

We’ve put together some of the activities you and your team could do:

  • Start the day right before you welcome your customers with a quick fire Q&A team activity. Think up some questions that are sure to get some funny answers, however avoid anything that could make your employees feel embarrassed.
  • Get together with your customers and invite them to join in with an activity. At Bewl Water there are plenty of activities to choose; a game of a laser tag perhaps?
  • Employees love it when their company offer free food! It has even been proven to improve team moral and increase productivity in the workplace.
  • Reward your team; make today a day of recognition and praise. Could you tie it in with your employee of the month or top salesperson on the month?

You’ll be surprised how a bit of fun in the workplace can boost your team’s motivation and inspire new ideas. 

We want to hear from you! What are you planning for International have fun at work day? Get involved on our social media pages.

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