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Fishing at Bewl Water

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Bewl Water Fishing – Rules, Regulations and Safety advice.

Bewl Water is the largest reservoir in the South East, it has a history of large trout and pike as well as good sized perch. Any method and fly fishing can be done from our fleet of 54 motorised fishing boats which each have motors to explore the 770 acres of water.

Fly fishing only is available from the bank with miles of good quality bank fishing available from 21st March – 21st February. Please call The Fishing Shop for up to date fishing reports and the best bank spots.

Bewl is also host to a range of competitions throughout the year in conjunction with local clubs, organisations and associations.

Looking to learn or improve? Bewl Water offers coaching and tuition for children and adults, and we have expert international standard fishing coaches available. We also cater for large groups that can be combined with catering for the perfect corporate day out.

How to book your permits

Just call us on 01892 890000 to book a boat and permits, it is recommended to book boats in advance to avoid disappointment.

All boats and permits booked for weekend fishing must be paid for in full in advance, we will then email you your permits so that you are ready to fish when you arrive. 

Boats are for two or three anglers and you must be 18 years or over to hire one.

Fishing Loyalty Scheme

New for 2019 - Bewl Water fishing loyalty scheme.

Fill in the form and bring it in to the fishing shop to receive your loyalty card. Every time you hire a boat you collect a stamp, collect 8 stamps and earn yourself a free boat.

The card will also entitle you to various discounts across departments at Bewl Water throughout the year and will help us to keep you up to date with catch reports, news and special offers.


Trout Catch & Take (Any Method)

All rainbow trout and blue rainbow trout caught must be taken and fishing must cease after the first eight trout have been caught.

All coarse fish and brown trout caught must be carefully released and returned to the water.

Catch & Release (Fly-Fishing Only)

Unlimited catch and release. Only the number of fish permitted on your ticket may be taken, fishing must cease after your allocation has been reached.

Pike Fishing

Fly-fishing for pike is available from the bank and boats at Bewl. Any method fishing with lures and plugs for pike is available from boats only. We have specific Pike fishing days in the winter months where dead baits and trolling are allowed. Please note that this is not allowed at other times of the year. Please contact The Fishing Shop for further information.

The pike's welfare has to be taken into consideration and pike fishing will not been allowed at times when trout catch and release has been suspended due to high water temperatures (above 20˚C).

Predator Fishing

Available from 30th October – 31st January

From boats only.

More information can be found here.

Tackle Shop

Our well stocked shop has a large range of tackle to suit all needs.

For fly anglers there are lines ranging from floaters to fast sink. Ready made leaders, reels of  fluorocarbon and copolymer, rods and reels.

We also have a selection of flies which are popular at Bewl Water and recommend current successful patterns.

Any anglers are well provided for. We stock a large selection of spinners, weights, floats and trout bait, rods and reels.

Ready to fish kits are very popular. Spinning kits cost from £35 to £75 with the Airflo fly fishing starter kit costing £70. Buy one of these and you are ready to start fishing straight away.

There is also a good selection of accessories including bags, landing nets, drogues and priests.

To cover the different weather conditions, we stock sunglasses, fleeces, coats and waterproofs.

Our tackle shop team are always on hand to offer friendly impartial advice and help set you up for a good days fishing be that fly or any method fishing.

Brands include: Fulling Mill, Airflo, Leeda, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Shakespeare, Wychwood, Fordham and Wakefield, Dinsmore and Daiwa.

Fishing Vouchers

Know any avid anglers? Give them the gift of Bewl Water Fishing Vouchers!

Please pre-book fishing tickets and boats by calling the Fishing Office on 01892 890352. Please be aware that in instances of adverse conditions, fishing trips may be cancelled and credit supplied to redeem on a future fishing trip.

Ticket type Ticket price
Fly fishing catch and release. Unlimited catch and release. Eight trout take home. £28.00
Any method. Eight fish catch and take All caught fish must be taken. £28.00
Fly fishing catch and release. Unlimited catch. Two trout take home. £25.00
Fly fishing 2 fish catch and release evening ticket. £19.00
Junior any method. Two fish catch and take. All caught fish must be taken. £12.00
3-2-1 offer: 3 days, 2 people, 1 boat (consecutive days - 1 weekend day only) £225
Full day boat hire for two anglers £31.00
Full day boat hire for one angler £23.00
Half day boat hire for two anglers £25.00
Half day boat /Wheely boat hire for one angler £18.00
Rod, tackle and net hire £20.00
Fly fishing instruction £50.00 per hour
Monday to Friday season ticket. (21st March – 30th November) £625
Monday to Friday season ticket. (21st March – 21st February) £770
Seven-day season ticket. (21st March – 30th November) £735
Seven-day season ticket. (21st March – 21st February) £875

The boat fishing season runs from the 21st March with the Fishing Office open daily from 8.30am until 5.30pm. For information please call in, or telephone 01892 890352.

Bank fly-fishing runs from sunrise until one hour after sunset, with boats out from 9am until sunset. Early Morning fishing starts at sunrise, please telephone the Fishing Lodge before 5pm the day before to buy permit on 01892 890352.

  • All trout caught on an ‘any method’ ticket must be taken.
  • Fly-fishing is allowed from boat or bank.
  • Rod licences must be held in order to fish at Bewl.
  • Any method fishing is allowed from boats only and includes the use of worms, maggots, spinners, corn, soft pellets, artificial lures (including spinners, spoons, jigs and plugs) and paste attractors.
  • Only one rod per person may be used at any time.
  • Freshwater fish baits (live or dead) are not allowed.
  • Keep nets are not allowed.
  • Ground baiting and loose feeding is not allowed.
  • Trolling is not allowed.
  • Use of remote craft for placing of bait is not allowed.

The Bewl Bridge Flyfishers' Club is the largest fly fishing club in the country, boasting a membership that has exceeded 500 for over a decade.

The club offers full annual membership. Members receive six copies of the club magazine, the Bewl Angle. This is packed full of articles about how, when and where to fish at Bewl, including tactics for both boat and bank fishing, plus dates and information about events throughout the season.

Some club events will be fishing days organised exclusively for the membership, offering opportunities to fish with Bewl experts, to meet other members and learn more about both Bewl and the sport generally.

For more information about The Bewl Bridge Flyfishers' Club go to www.bewlbridgeflyfishers.com