Father Christmas & The Bewl Water Christmas Experience in association with Childrensalon – Chapter 4

“I told you to stop eating them” Mrs Claus said, with her hands on her hips.

“I know, I know. I was going to go down the ice-street this week anyway. I want a new suit for Bewl Water’s Christmas Experience, got to look my best”, Mr Claus replied, trying to dodge any conversation that highlighted he was eating too many pies.


*Later at the suit shop*

“I nearly didn’t recognise your Mr Claus. I haven’t seen you in green for decades”, said the suit tailor, visible pleased to see Father Christmas.

“I know, I had to chuck this old thing on. Had a bit of an accident…” Father Christmas chuckled.

“Let’s see what we can do for you, I hear you have an important event coming up”, the tailor grinned as he reached for his tape measure.

Father Christmas had explained that he wanted the most striking red suit with a prominent belt and of course, a matching hat with a large white bobble. Father Christmas and the tailor spoke for hours, reminiscing on past Christmases but also discussing the Bewl Water Christmas Experience excitedly.

“Did you know Bewl Water are going to have a magic wishing tree, a skating rink, a fairground and a grotto, just for me?!” Father Christmas explained excitedly as he tried to breathe in whilst the tailor was stretching his tape measure around Father Christmas’ rather large belly.

“That’s sounds amazing, they’ll be so many excited children there”, the tailor replied and then paused, “Mr Claus, please breathe out we need this suit to be true to size”.

“That’s what I’m worried about”, Father Christmas muttered under his breath.

Once the tailor had gathered all the information he needed he informed Father Christmas that his suit would be ready the next day – a speedy turn around was always easy when Christmas cheer was in the air. After all, Father Christmas was the tailor’s favourite customer and he knew how important the festive period was. The tailor was responsible for Mr Claus’ iconic look.


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