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Christmas Experience at Bewl Water

It was a snowy and cold night up at the North Pole.

With only a few weeks left to go until Christmas Eve preparations were in full swing.

In Santa’s toy workshop, the elves were working extremely hard to make sure that all of the Christmas gifts were made and wrapped to perfection, ready to be stacked in to Santa’s sleigh.

As the sun started to set, huge snow clouds covered the sky. ‘’There’s a big storm coming’’ said Chief Elf Bernard. ‘’Let’s pack up so that Jolly Sugar Bells can lock up the workshop ready for the storm’’.

As the elves finished wrapping the presents for the day, they packed up their belongings and said goodbye to Elf Jolly Sugarbells.

As the wind started to pick up, Jolly made sure that the large doors to the workshop were closed to protect the presents from the storm.

He made his way over to the Reindeer cabin, to make sure they were tucked up in warm blankets ready for bed. He started to sing their bedtime lullaby when he accidentally drifted off to sleep.

As the sun started to rise in the sky, Elf Jolly Sugarbells woke, after realising he had fallen asleep he jumped up in panic and sprinted over to the Workshop to make sure  all the presents were safe and sound.

To his surprise the large workshop doors were wide open and hundreds of presents and other Christmas items from the workshop were missing! Jolly sounded the elf alarm and all the Elves were awoken.

“Help, Help! All the presents are missing! Christmas is ruined!” shouted Jolly Sugarbells while choking back tears…

“What should we do now? Christmas is ruined, we’ll never find everything in time for Christmas Eve!” said Elf McSprinkles

After hearing all the commotion, Chief Elf Bernard arrived “Don’t be discouraged, I think I know how we can save Christmas, we need to ask the children to help us find the missing items”


Calling all little helpers out there… Its time to jump aboard the Santa Express at the Bewl Water Christmas Experience and help the elves find all the missing items ready for Christmas Eve.

After your exciting journey and to say thank you for your help, you are invited to visit Father Christmas in his waterside grotto and receive a gift.