Father Christmas & The Bewl Water Christmas Experience in association with Childrensalon – Chapter 3

Father Christmas was laid back, snoring away in his arm chair when he was woken by a pitter patter of footsteps leading up to his door. Ah, the Elf-Experts, Mr Claus’ Christmas sixth sense told him.

“Love, would you get that”, shouted Mr Claus to Mrs Claus who was busying herself baking in the kitchen. She loved to bake at Christmas, and all year round – Mince pies, gingerbread men, reindeer biscuits, it was a crime to go hungry at the Claus’.

“Huh? I haven’t heard a knock”, Mrs Claus replied as she plonked a freshly baked tray of delights on the kitchen surface.

“It’s the Elf-Experts” Mr Claus said as he grabbed a mince pie from the side table and pushed the whole thing into his mouth.

As Mrs Claus entered the room with a tea towel on her shoulder she said “The magic cheer must be here with your Christmas powers arriving so soon”, then she took the tea towel from her shoulder and playfully hit Father Christmas with the cloth. “Stop eating so many mince pies, if you keep eating those you won’t fit in that red suit in 4 weeks time, then what will the families think at Bewl Water?”.

Father Christmas chuckled, but he was quietly conscious, he must look his best for The Bewl Water Christmas Experience. Mrs Claus opened the door to gust of bitter wind and a group of cheerful elves stood holding sacks of gifts.

“Special delivery for Father Christmas, 5 sacks full of Christmas Gifts made with extra love and cheer, especially for the Bewl Water Christmas Experience” chirped the smiley elves in perfect unison.

“Fantastic! Thank you so much!” Father Christmas said gratefully as he heaved himself out his comfy arm chair.

*A couple of hours later*

“Love, our little house isn’t big enough for all these gifts, would you please go and put them in the sleigh garage with Rudolf”, Mrs Claus instructed.

“Yes dear”, Mr Claus obeyed, stuffed a few freshly baked mince pies into his pocket and made his way to the reindeer garage.

Father Christmas greeted Rudolf with a loving pat, gave him one of the mince pies which Rudolf loudly chomped, then treated himself to the remaining two. Yum! Mrs Claus homemade mince pies seemed to get more delicious each year.

Father Christmas started to bend down and sling the sacks full of Christmas gifts into the sleigh one by one. Then… RIP! Oh no. Was it the strenuous activity or the mince pies? Father Christmas had ripped his classic red suit…


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