Father Christmas & The Bewl Water Christmas Experience in association with Childrensalon – Chapter 2

Chief Elf wrapped his greened buttoned jacket tight, pulled up his red socks and made sure his floppy hat was firmly on his small head, it was cold out. As Chief Elf gingerly made his way through the snow to the Claus’ house and went to lift the large door knocker, Father Christmas cheerily shouted “Come on in ol’ Elfy”. It never failed to surprise Chief Elf the sixth sense Father Christmas possessed at Christmas time which allowed him to know what was happening and who was where – must be the magic of Christmas! Father Christmas had been a dear friend of Chief Elf for many years and had him spreading Christmas cheer since he was just a young boy. Whether it was letting him groom Rudolf to offering him a job in his toy factory once he was older enough. Chief Elf had never let Mr Claus down and each Christmas he ensured it was more magical than the last, each gift was always made to the highest festive standard. Because of this, Chief-Elf was saddened to break the news about this year’s gift quota.

“I sense something is up. Bring yourself over here and talk to me over a glass of milk and a cookie”, smiled Mr Claus.

“You still eat these even though you receive thousands on your yearly worldly present drop eh?” Chief Elf laughed as he jumped up into the seat opposite Father Christmas.

“They’re my favourite! Now tell me, what is it that’s troubling you?” Father Christmas enquired.

“Well, erm, the good thing is we have millions on the Good List this year… and… well… the bad news is, I’m really not sure how we’re going to make gifts for them all in such a short space of time, obviously you have the Bewl Water Christmas Experience too…” Chief Elf timidly gazed up at Father Christmas.

“Oh my dear friend, there is no problem to be had, the team at Bewl Water and I have been fully prepared. A few months ago I sent their gift requests to Elf-Experts, you know the specialised factory across the ice that focus on putting extra love and Christmas cheer into their gifts? Sorry I should have told you, it’s just very busy at the moment, so many wish-lists to read through.” Father Christmas patted his friends’ entire arm with his chubby hand.

“Well that is a relief, the elves and I will focus on the rest of the world’s presents”, Chief Elf exhaled.

Chief Elf jumped down from the seat, shook Mr Claus’ finger goodbye and joyfully made his way home to Mrs Chief Elf and kids.

All was well. 5 weeks until The Bewl Water Christmas Experience.


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