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Father Christmas & The Bewl Water Christmas Experience in association with Childrensalon – Chapter 1

As the snow crashed outside the misty window pane, Father Christmas and his wife sat cosily in their matching armchairs, next to the warming fire burning away in their marble fire place. For years Mr and Mrs Claus continued this ritual and sat in their well-loved and, admittedly, well-worn chairs, discussing the events of the year and the exciting festive season that they continuously prepare for. As the two sat peacefully in contentment, Mr Claus reached for Mrs Claus hand and said, “Love, I have an even better feeling about this year”.

Mrs Claus lovingly rubbed Mr Claus hand back and replied, “Oh my darling, you say this every year. It is the season to be jolly”.

“No, but this year is different, I can feel it. I have been invited to The Bewl Water Christmas Experience in Kent and it’s their biggest event yet. I am so excited to see all the children and give them their special gift. They’ve made a grotto, especially for me. I can’t wait!”Mr Claus chimed.

“Well as always, I will miss you dearly but I will look forward to all your tales of spreading Christmas cheer on your return”, Mrs Claus smiled.

Meanwhile in the elf factory, things weren’t going as exactly planned. The ding of bells on each workers’ hat echoed through the factory as the worker elves worked furiously on every toy that arrived quickly to their wooden work station. In the back office, Assistant Elf handed Chief-Elf some important papers and he started to deliberate by scratching his long nose with his small dainty fingers.

“Is everything okay Chief-Elf?”Asked the Assistant Elf as he looked up to the green and red desk decorated in gold tinsel.

Chief Elf peered through his narrow glasses and sighed. “Well this is a problem if ever I’ve seen one”.

“I don’t quite understand, we’ve had more on the Good List than ever before. Christmas spirit is alive!” Assistant Elf sounded excited but also confused.

“Yes, yes that is marvellous but this year we have to make Christmas gifts for the Bewl Water Christmas Experience as well as our normal quota. You can see how hard the elves are working. We only have 6 weeks to churn out thousands of toys”, Chief-Elf replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

“We’ll have to let Father Christmas know”, Assistant Elf sounded deflated after presenting him with what he thought was good news.

“I know, oh dear, he hasn’t stopped talking about this event at Bewl Water” Chief Elf sounded worried.


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