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Your Work Christmas Party Checklist

Although not everything needs to be planned this minute, some things do. Below is Bewl Water’s early essential checklist for your work Christmas party.

  1. The Venue

The venue is the most important part of your party. There are many factors to consider; capacity, location, facilities, the list goes on. Finding the venue that best suits your company may take longer than you think so researching and booking early prevents disappointment.

      2. The Date

Popular dates around Christmas time always go the quickest for obvious reasons. However, a Christmas party on a Wednesday can be just as fun and usually cheaper. Why not consider a week day and perhaps allow your colleagues to come in a little later the following morning?

  1. Your Budget

A budget undoubtedly effects the type of party you’re having. Be sure to find out how many people will be attending the party and then use your budget wisely. Divide it up sufficiently, leaving enough for the venue, equipment and later details such as decorations and catering.

  1. Letting people know

This may seem obvious but it is highly important. What’s a party with no people? Once you have the venue and date secured make sure you let your colleagues know as soon as possible. Christmas commitments pile up fast so it is paramount that the annual Christmas party has a safe place in everyone’s diaries.

The Boat House Bistro is a popular venue for work Christmas parties and is receiving enquires already. Book your venue with Bewl Water and relax, decorations, food and entertainment can come a bit later… but not too late.