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Why You Should Camp This Summer

With international travel still restricted in certain countries it is difficult to plan a holiday abroad, with most families searching for holiday options within the UK. With a huge variety of campsites within the UK there is plenty to explore. With many camping over a weekend away with friends or family, camping is an excellent way for young families or young adults with free time to enjoy their summer, with a range of options for pitches and activities. 

Here at Bewl Water we offer a beautiful campsite situated next to the largest reservoir in the South East. The campsite is a 35-minute drive from the coast and is situated near a range of historical sites and within an area of outstanding natural beauty. Kent is known for the hop farms and pastoral farmland that makes up most of the landscape.  

Why Camping?

Camping is a familiar part of growing up in the UK, with many looking back fondly on memories of camping somewhere sunny and heading out each day for walks, fishing trips or even to canoe or kayak. But why should you choose to camp this summer? Here are a few reasons why camping is a fantastic way to enjoy your holiday.  

  • Low Costs 

If you are looking for a low cost way to explore the UK and what it has to offer, camping can be a fantastic way to do so. As well as enjoying the sun, camping offers a way to explore your local area or farther afield without the high cost of a hotel. As long as you have the equipment you need you can set up on almost any campsite, as long as you have booked a pitch in advance. If you don’t have any camping equipment at home, borrowing from friends and neighbours can be a great way to cut down costs even further.  

  • Flexibility  

Camping is a mobile way to travel allowing you to move from place to place, with your accommodation easily packed up in as little as an hour before heading off for your next location. When you are planning a trip with plenty of outdoor activities, the convenience of camping accommodation becomes apparent, as you can bring plenty of outdoor equipment with you. While you can stay at one campsite throughout your holiday, moving on to another after a few days can help you truly maximise what you are able to do in the time you have available.  

  • Unplug  

Camping is a fantastic activity to enjoy, offering a low cost and adventurous activity for the whole family to participate in. Often when we head out on holiday there is a persistent itch to check your work emails or to send text messages to friends. Camping offers a great opportunity to unplug from your devices and spend some time together as a family. Bringing a pack of cards, board games like chess or checkers, or even kit for rounders or football can be wonderful ways to pass the time and bond over the course of your camping trip.  

  • Nature  

One of the primary attractions of camping is that you will spend your holiday surrounded by nature. The sights, sounds and presence of the natural world, such as the sound of water and birdsong, can be very calming and can help you to unwind. Bewl Water has a range of flora and fauna at the reservoir that you will be able to see while you visit. Bird spotting is a popular pastime that you can participate in with the rest of your group during your stay.  

  • New Friendships 

Camping is often a very communal experience. With everyone living in reasonably close proximity and with a lot of open space for children to play in, many families with children of similar ages can set up group games or eat dinner together. Making new connections can be a great way to enrich your camping experience and have fun. Inviting friends to come camping with you is another way to create a fantastic sense of engagement, and can make your camping experience far more social.  

  • Activities  

Bewl Water itself offers many wonderful play areas and activities for young children to participate in, as well as plenty of space to run around and arrange picnics in. If you want to create a truly adventurous experience for your camping trip, booking a spot at one of our incredible activities such as the Aqua Park, Laser Challenge, Canoeing or even heading out to fish on Bewl Water once you have a permit, can take your camping holiday to the next level.  


While camping using your own equipment is certainly popular, another activity is becoming a favourite with holidaymaking Britons. Glamping offers a far more comfortable aspect to camping; the Bewl Water yurts have two single beds and a double bed set up inside, along with dry and safe storage space in the yurt, along with access to a fire using the yurt’s wood burning stove.  

Yurts are still used as primary accommodation for many people living in and around central Asia, keeping the cold out of the structure and the warmth inside. If you don’t have any camping equipment of your own or are not very well practised at camping, glamping can offer an option that gives you a more comfortable camping experience. While glamping is more luxurious it still brings with it the positive aspects of camping, such as staying close to nature and unplugging from the outside world. To learn more about the Bewl Water yurts, follow the link here.  

If you are planning a staycation at Bewl Water camp site, then please contact us here to book your place at the campsite. While you are staying with us, be sure to book some activities, such as Laser Challenge, and visit the Waterfront Café for a well-deserved break.