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Why you need to get on your bike…

Fitness: Perhaps the most obvious benefit, but also one not to be ignored. Cycling is a lower impact form of exercising, which means it is much friendlier to your joints.

Accessibility: You can cycle pretty much anywhere, at Bewl we have a number of different cycling routes for all abilities. If you don’t have a bike then hire one from us at the bike hire hut! Our cycle team on site can recommend lots of fun routes!

De-stress: Cycling can be a great way to de-stress, gliding through the scenic countryside and taking in the vast views you cycle by is a great way to clear your mind.

Fun: Cycling is suitable for all ages and that’s what makes it great, you and your whole family can go together!

Cost: Save money by cycling everywhere! Cycling doesn’t just have to be a hobby, make it part of your routine. Cycling to work, to the shop and socially will save you money whilst protecting the environment from vehicle pollution- winner!

Did you know that the entire route around Bewl mounts to just over 13 miles, that means you could burn, on average, nearly 600 calories! That means you can enjoy a guilt free coffee and cake in The Waterfront Café afterwards!

Bikes are available to hire from Bewl water from just £10! Make sure you head down and explore the fantastic and fun cycle routes available at Bewl!