A sparrowhawk resting on a snowy branch.

Why Stay In A Yurt?

If you are looking for a fresh holiday experience, then look no further! Spending your holiday in yurt accommodation in the heart of Sussex is a fantastic way to explore a new type of holiday in a natural environment. Yurts offer a premium glamping experience, as throughout your stay you are in a single room which protects you from the elements and offers a comfortable experience that tents can’t compare to.  

If members of your family are not particularly interested in traditional camping with sleeping bags and a tent, then yurts can offer a unique experience to try. At Bewl Water our Sussex yurts are beautifully decorated, with enough bed space for four people set up in the interior. There is a double bed, as well as two singles for our guests to enjoy.  

What is a Yurt?

While yurts are a far from usual type of accommodation in the UK, they are an ancient form of housing that is still widely used by families around the world today. A yurt is a form of housing created and used historically by nomadic herding tribes in central Asia, and they are still used as primary housing by many in rural Mongolia, with cities such as Ulaanbaatar having large districts of yurts or ‘gers’ surrounding the main city. The yurt is circular and is made up of cloth or animal skin stretched around a frame made from collapsible wooden poles. Yurts are a huge part of the traditional life and culture of many people from central Asia, with countries such as Mongolia, Turkistan and Kazakhstan each having specific ancient patterns and cultural symbols used in the decoration of yurts that are still in use. The first recorded use of yurts dates back to 600 BCE – a yurt was depicted on a bronze bowl found in the mountains around Iran. The yurt was also used in Siberia and other regions of Russia, and was brought to Europe after Turkey and Hungary were conquered by the successors of Ghenghis Khan.   

Most yurts used for camping in the UK are made using felt or a waterproof canvas covering that keeps the heat trapped within the yurt. Unlike a tent, yurts can be made into large enough sizes to function like a traditional room. The circular construction of yurts makes the structures extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions, as wind simply travels around the circular sides rather than hitting a straight wall. Yurts have withstood the rough weather of the northern steppes for thousands of years, where the temperature can drop to far below freezing. 

All year around 

Camping is by necessity often a seasonal activity, with the wet and cold weather during the autumn and winter months making camping an unpleasant proposition. Yurts, however, were built to withstand the harsh weather conditions on the steppes, with families living in the yurts year round, throughout snowstorms and freezing temperatures. With wood burning stoves set up in our yurt’s interior, staying in yurt accommodation throughout the winter in Sussex can be very comfortable as yurts conserve heat very well. A yurt offers a mode of camping that allows for more convenience and a more luxurious experience. ‘Glamping’ is often a compromise between camping using a tent set up and a hotel room. When compared to an ordinary tent the yurt is far more stable and waterproof, and allows families to stay in warm, previously set up accommodation as soon as they arrive on site. This is particularly useful for those who don’t want to spend time setting up camp as you would have to do with a tent.  

If there is the possibility of inclement weather conditions, then a yurt might be the outdoors accommodation for you. Here at Bewl Water we have the Waterfront Café situated near our campsite; in a short walk you can pick up a nice warm hot chocolate, coffee or tea to enjoy in our beautiful Sussex yurts.  

Adventure Holidays 

With more and more people booking adventure holidays with different activities to enjoy in a natural environment, yurts have become a far more popular option. Adventure holidays with different watersports, cycling routes and other activities such as coasteering have become more popular as people who live in towns and cities want to spend their holiday time connecting with the natural world.  

However, if you are spending your day doing physical activities and braving the outdoors, then the last thing you want to return to is a sleeping bag on the floor. Heading back to a cosy yurt with a bed and a warm wood burning stove is a much more comfortable end to the day, while still retaining an element of excitement for our guests. Here are a few activities available at Bewl Water for those interested in an adventure holiday.  

  • Hiking  

Bewl Water has an incredible walking route with well-maintained paths and fantastic views of the reservoir.  

  • Cycling  

With bicycle hire facilities, as well as access to a fantastic round route, Bewl Water is a fantastic area to cycle in. With bicycles to hire in a range of sizes, our staff will be able to fit you with all the equipment you need for a great time exploring the reservoir.  

  • Fishing 

Here at Bewl we have great conditions for fishing, with many coming to the reservoir for perch, pike and trout. We have boats to hire as well as plenty of good spots for bank fishing. If you are interested in fishing during your holiday, then please remember to purchase a fishing permit to avoid disappointment.  

  • Laser Challenge 

Laser Challenge is a great game for friends and family to participate in, regardless of your age. Using active headbands, the game logs when each player has been hit by a laser gun and is therefore out of the running to win. With a variety of different solo and team games in our arsenal, Laser Challenge is a great adventure for those looking to experience something new.  

  • Water Sports  

On our beautiful reservoir there are a variety of water sports to enjoy. With paddleboarding, canoeing, sailing and open water swimming available for our guests to try there is plenty to explore. The reservoir is a lot safer than the sea, and offers a fantastic chance for our guest to try out new sports. 

If you are considering a stay at Bewl Water in our Sussex yurts, then please contact us here. Our staff will be able to help you plan your holiday and tell you about the different activities available at the Bewl Water reservoir.