A sparrowhawk resting on a snowy branch.

Why Go Winter Sailing At Bewl Water?

Sailing, whether in the summer or winter is an enthralling sport that can take you around the world if you wish. The feeling of freedom you can achieve while out on the water is almost unparalleled, but sailing can be a very hard sport to get started with before learning enough to be qualified to sail competently on your own. The cost of the boat as well as learning the ropes (literally) can take a lot of time and dedication. Here at Bewl water we offer sailing instruction and options for those with their own boats to head out to sail on the reservoir throughout the year seven days a week. If you are interested in a sailing experience with Bewl Water, then please contact us here.  

Winter Sailing

While winter is the off-season for sailing, it is still possible – and a lot of fun – to spend your time sailing, whether on Bewl Water or the sea. The key to enjoying winter sailing is often the ability to stay warm, so borrowing or shopping for a well-insulated, water and windproof outfit will probably be a good investment. Many people forget how dangerous the open water can be, especially if you are far from shore without anyone else who can help you, so sailing in a supervised reservoir is far safer for beginners. 

When it comes to sailing safely and comfortably, it is key to ensure that you are prepared ahead of time. While sailing during winter there is a wide variety of equipment you will need to prepare to ensure that you stay warm and safe. Here are some tips to ensure that your winter sailing trip on Bewl is safe and enjoyable: 

  • If you have booked a time to head out to Bewl for a sailing day, keep an eye on the weather forecast. While the weather may not be dangerous, sailing outdoors in the rain will probably be less fun. If you decide to go ahead, ensure that the weather conditions won’t be dangerous and wrap up warm. 
  • Those who are sailing in winter will be out on the water for a long time in the cold. You may get wet from water spray and it is easy to find yourself cold very quickly, so be sure to dress appropriately.  
  • Make sure everyone on the boat has a lifejacket. While the reservoir is safe in comparison to the sea, any large body of water can be dangerous.  
  • If it is your first time sailing on the reservoir, take the time to talk through any hazards you may need to look out for with an experienced sailor.  
  • Be sure to check your equipment thoroughly before going out on the water. With lifejackets and other essentials there should always be a spare, but it is important to be sure. 

 Inexperienced Sailors

There are a range of training courses available for you to try if you are a complete newcomer to the sport. If you have sailed before and know what you are doing but are a little out of practice, then don’t hesitate to invite a more weathered skipper on board to learn from. Our members are very knowledgeable and are happy to help those who are a little rusty get back into sailing.  

If you are new to sailing it is easy not to realise that any boat that is taken out in the cold will need special attention to prevent mishaps. If it is your first time sailing in winter, then it can be a good idea to go as part of a larger group. While this does mean a larger audience if you make a mistake, it also means there are far more hands available to help out if there is an issue.  

Accessible Sailing at Bewl Water

The Mariners of Bewl Sailing Club is an organisation that accepts members of all ages and abilities, either to learn how to sail or to pick up an old interest. Our reservoir has integrated sailing and easy access for those who are physically able as well as those with physical disabilities. There are many events, including races and regattas, which welcome all members to enjoy a day out on the water with one of our fleets. The Mariners of Bewl is non-profit making, and is dedicated to creating a fun and relaxed area for everyone to come and enjoy sailing on the reservoir. While The MoB do collect a modest annual membership fee, this is mostly used for planning events, paying for insurance and other necessary costs.  

The Bewl Water Optimists sailing group is for all youth ages, with specific classes and events held for the children and teens who are also interested in sailing as a recreational sport. Our Optimist team regularly competes and is extremely successful, with a variety of wins under our belt ranging from complete beginners to those competing at a national level.  

All classes of boat are welcome to join Bewl Water Sailing and we are particularly enthusiastic when it comes to welcoming beginners wishing to learn. There are many options at Bewl for sailing classes for newcomers to the sport to learn how to operate on the water. If you are interested in a sailing lesson at Bewl, then please contact us here