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Wedding Trends of 2019/20

Since Bewl Water acquired their wedding licence in 2017, 2018 has seen 9 times the amount of weddings booked compared to the previous year. As a team, Bewl Water believes that the increase in couples desiring to have their special day surrounded by Kent’s largest stretch of open water is due to their focus on emerging trends and listening in intently to couple’s feedback. Below are our 5 top wedding trends for 2019…

1. Bringing the outside in – The most appropriate trend for a venue like Bewl Water! With panoramic views around the Boat House, the scenic landscape seemingly floods through the windows and provides the most beautiful backdrop to a couple’s special day. In terms of wedding day decorations, traditionally rustic and vintage motifs are being left behind and natural coloured decorations are coming to the centre stage.

2. Drones – Videography has stepped up a gear this year with the introduction of drones. Whilst wedding videos have been popular for decades, the capabilities of drone footage are just recently taking the lime light. Drones can capture different perspectives of the day and therefore create truly incredible imagery for a lifetime of treasured memories. At Bewl Water, the reservoir covers 770 acres and is surrounded by vast greenery, providing the perfect setting for extraordinary wedding day footage.

3. Mix and Match Groomsman Attire – Bridesmaids have finally met their match when it comes to outfits and standing out on the big day. In the words Megan Velez of Destination Weddings Travel Group, it’s the groomsmen’s turn to mix and match! Braver designs such as chequered patterns, floral prints and refined polka dots are appearing more and more and who says they have to match?

4. Tiaras – Perhaps a trend in line with the recent royal wedding and pregnancy – tiaras are returning! Tiaras provide the perfect icing on the cake for a princess bride fulfilling their desired fairy tale wedding!

5. Deeper Colours – 2019 is predicated to be the year of deeper, brighter colour themes in replacement of the rustic, pastel pallets recently favoured. 

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