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Top Tips for the Best Man’s Speech

We’ve put together our top tips for the Best Man’s Speech to help you stay on the right path!

  1. Plan ahead! Start writing your speech at least two months before the wedding.
  2. Begin by introducing yourself! Establish the relationship between you and the groom.
  3. Make jokes about the groom, not the bride! Guests will expect a little light-hearted teasing, wisecracks and humorous recollections of the grooms childhood, schooling or personality.
  4. Avoid: negativity about marriage, ex-partners, drinks, drugs or gambling, adult humour.
  5. Tell a funny story about the bride and groom; funny not humiliating!
  6. Keep the speech to around five minutes or less. This gives enough time to say something meaningful but not so long that you lose your audience.
  7. Wrap up your speech with a toast to the happy couple. Raise your glass with congratulations and cheers, and don’t forget to drink to your own toast!
  8. Practise! Either video yourself or get in some of your mates to be the audience! You may think you’ve nailed the writing but can you deliver?
  9. On the day; don’t drink too much before, speak loud and clearly and stand up straight.
  10. Have fun! Once you relax into it, we don’t doubt you’ll enjoy it!


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