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Top Ten Reasons To Cycle Regularly

There are many reasons to take up cycling. Whether you think of cycling as a fun pastime biking the Kent countryside or are more focused on cycling as a way to increase your fitness, cycling is a fantastic way to get around, offering a fast and low impact way to explore the outdoors. Biking in Kent is a wonderful way to explore the many areas of outstanding natural beauty situated across the county. This article will discuss some of the reasons why starting to cycle can have a positive impact on you and the planet.  

If you do not have cycling equipment at home, then Bewl Water could be the perfect place for you to visit. Our bicycle hire facility has all the kit you need for the whole family to head out and explore Bewl Water by bicycle. Here are ten reasons to cycle regularly: 

1. Fitness

Cycling is a fantastic way to increase your fitness, whether you are using a cycling machine in the gym or heading out on the road to explore your local area. Cycling is an accessible and increasingly popular sport, with many entering various races each year – the most famous being the Tour de France. Other aspects such as sprint cycling are also popular, so you can customise your training to suit the elements of your fitness you want to improve. Using cycling as fitness training can be a very effective way to improve your health. 

2. Enjoy Nature

Spending time in an outdoors environment, whether you are cycling or walking, is vital to maintain your mental and physical wellbeing. Individuals who spend more time in green spaces are more likely to feel happy. Our wellbeing is often not on the top of our list of priorities, with work and family taking precedence, but cycling outdoors and spending time enjoying nature gives you the opportunity to improve your physical fitness as well as spend time in a natural environment.  

3. Family Activity

Cycling is a fantastic way to spend the day together as a family. Bicycle transportation can make it easier to carry a picnic or young children who aren’t big enough to cycle on their own in seats strapped to the back of your bicycle. Walks that would be too long for your family to achieve on foot are much easier when you are cycling. Kent has many beautiful areas for biking, with well-maintained paths for those of a range of ages and abilities to enjoy.  

4. Eco Friendly

Using your bicycle for a short period each day, to go to your local shop or going to and from work for example, can have a very positive effect on your fitness and health while cutting down on your impact on the planet. While driving is a much quicker way to get around, it burns fuel and pollutes the air. If you cycle to get to places that are nearby you will increase your fitness while making your carbon footprint smaller.  

5. Training

Many who cycle regularly for fitness will join a race or an event like a triathlon to give themselves a goal to work towards. Training to improve your cycling and working towards a goal can be a fantastic way to meet new people and improve your overall fitness. Working towards a goal can be very rewarding – when you finally reach the finish line it can feel like a fantastic achievement. 

6. Improved Mental Health

Cycling is a great way to improve your mental health as well as your physical health. When you exercise, your brain releases hormones called endorphins as well as adrenaline. The endorphin hormone is nicknamed the ‘happiness hormone’ and it can help improve your mood. That’s why people often feel happy and refreshed after heading out on a walk.  

7. Versatility

Cycling is an extremely versatile way to get around, the low impact nature of the sport making it achievable for those at a variety of fitness levels. Cycling is not only useful for fitness training though, but also for getting around in your day to day life. There are many who cycle to get to work, explore different hiking trails or even as a group activity to be enjoyed by groups of people travelling together.  

8. Explore

Biking through Kent and Sussex can give you a unique view of the area; with so many incredibly beautiful landscapes and ecosystems to explore, there is plenty to see. Cycling can be a fantastic way for more adventurous visitors to explore what Bewl Water has to offer. While cycling long distances can be difficult, especially uphill, the paths around Bewl Water are well maintained and perfect for smooth cycling. Exploring the natural world around you is a perfect reason to start cycling.  

9. Meet New People

Cycling is becoming an ever more popular sport, with many enjoying both watching international competitions and competing in local events. If you are training for local events, joining in a group fitness or training event can be a great way to meet new people who share your interest. While many of us are still cutting down on the number of indoor interactions we arrange with people outside our bubble, cycling outside is a great way to be social while staying at a distance.  

10. Recreation

While there are plenty of practical reasons to cycle regularly, having a good time and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family is arguably the most important one. Going outside for a bicycle ride is a lot of fun and can give you a fantastic shared activity to enjoy as a group. If you have a backpack or basket, then taking a picnic with you on your bicycle ride to be enjoyed midway through will help give you a great day out. 

If you are planning a cycling trip at Bewl Water, then please contact us here for more information about the route. Here at Bewl Water we have a bicycle hire service for those who are on holiday or a lacking equipment for a long cycling trip. If you need extra kit then our staff will be sure to find equipment that suits your needs.