Lone canoe

Three Photography Trends of 2018

Previously, drones were seen in two extreme scenarios – as possessions of professionals or novel toys for children, buzzing in their back gardens. Today, the demand and market from drones has increased with manufacturers creating various drone capabilities and models, affordable for a wider population. Drones are now a tool aiding a new emerging field of photography, aerial imaging. the use of drones allow impressive and awe-inspiring photographs to be taken from above.

Documenting Travels
As the world continues to get smaller and the population increases, more people are travelling to various areas of the world and documenting their experiences. The use of social media is continuing to rise and our exposure to the world is increasing. Inevitably this has created wanderlust and social media users are keen to demonstrate their involvement in the travelling trend.

New Technologies allowing experimentation and creativity
Whilst professional photographers may disagree or dislike the fact, new technologies such as Smartphones are now able to produce photographs comparable to those of high-end cameras. This has formed a new interest and thus experimentation with photography in many more people. The population are now able to be with creative with their photos from their mobile device.


With just over a month until our Best of Bewl Competition closes, it’s time to get snapping and hash-tagging. Whether it’s a stunning landscape, poignant portrait or a vibrant scene, Bewl Water are looking for great visitor shots. Simply post your photo using the hashtag #bestofbewlwater

The winner will receive a 3 course meal for two and one house drink for the competition winner and one guest, an enlarged canvas of the winning image will be displayed at Bewl Water, on social media channels and in The Times of Tunbridge Wells newspaper. The competition winner will be credited throughout.