Water Savvy Horse

The Water Savvy Day

On Saturday 16th June, Kent Fire and Rescue held a Water Savvy day at Bewl Water. The day was a success and proved fun for all the family as well as informative and useful. The day included many live demonstrations such as Splashpals – showing dogs as rescuers – , an animal rescue demo, a rescue exercise and a fire service challenge. Families were also given the opportunity to dress up in firefighting gear and speak to the animal rescue whilst aboard a fire engine! If you missed it we’ve consolidated some top tips on how to be water savvy.

  • Always let someone know if you’re going near water – where, when and when you’ll be back.
  • Obey signage
  • When swimming in open water make sure you know its depth, current and temperature. Do not jump or dive, there may be invisible hazards.
  • Laying on your back can help you relax and catch your breath if you find yourself in a vulnerable situation whilst in water.
  • Call the emergency services if you see someone else in trouble in water. As tempting as it may be, do not enter the water yourself. If you are in tourist area, there may be lifesaving equipment such as a ring or a rope. Throwing this to them could help.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol near water.

For more information on water safety visit Kent Fire and RescueIf you’d like to find out more about our events at Bewl Water click here.

Water Savvy Kid

Water Savvy Dogs

Water Savvy Horse