Kid lying down in the soft play area

The Benefits Of Soft Play

Soft play areas are a haven for kids, providing a perfect blend of fun and learning. If you’re searching for exciting soft play destinations in Kent and Sussex, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll delve into why soft play at Bewl Water is an excellent choice for your kids and how it can help them develop various skills while having a blast. 


Develop Independence at Soft Play

Soft play environments encourage children to explore and play independently. Climbing, sliding, and navigating through tunnels allow them to build confidence in their abilities. As they conquer new challenges on their own, they develop a sense of self-reliance that can positively impact their overall growth. toddler crawling through tunnel at Bewl Water soft play

Enhancing Social Skills

Soft play areas are bustling with activity, making them a fantastic setting for your child to interact with peers. Playing alongside other children helps enhance their social skills by learning how to share, take turns, and communicate effectively. These social interactions are essential building blocks for their future interactions both in and out of the classroom. 

two children in the soft play area at bewl water

Problem Solving Through Play

Every soft play structure is a mini adventure waiting to be conquered. Children are presented with puzzles to solve, obstacles to navigate, and decisions to make. By figuring out how to manoeuvre through these challenges, kids sharpen their problem-solving skills, boosting their cognitive development in an enjoyable way. 

Two kids playing at bewl water soft play area

Unleash Creativity

Soft play areas are blank canvases for your child’s imagination. Whether they’re pretending to be explorers, pirates, or superheroes, these imaginative play scenarios foster creativity and storytelling abilities. As they invent and role-play, their minds expand, opening endless possibilities for learning and expression. 

Two kids hugging and holding plushies at the soft play area

A Safe Play Space 

Safety is paramount, and soft play at Bewl Water has been designed with this in mind. Soft, cushioned surfaces ensure that even the most action-packed play doesn’t result in injuries. With padded equipment and secure surroundings, you can relax with a coffee knowing your little ones are safe and having fun.

Kid laughing in soft play area at bewl water

A Meeting Ground for Parents

Soft play areas aren’t just for kids; they’re also a fantastic place for parents to connect. While your children explore and play, you can engage with fellow parents, share experiences, and perhaps even make new friends. These connections can be invaluable, offering a support network as your children grow and thrive. 

Bewl water soft play area

Discover Soft Play in Kent and Sussex

Soft play in Kent and Sussex is where learning and fun go hand in hand. From building independence and social skills to honing problem-solving abilities and unleashing creativity, soft play offers a wealth of benefits. Plus, it provides a safe haven for your children while you unwind and chat with other parents. 

If you’re on the lookout for a new and exciting soft play area in Kent and Sussex, you’ve come to the right place. Home to two challenging levels of fun and adventure, children can explore, learn, and have a blast at Bewl Water.  

Tailored for kids aged 0-8, our soft play zone is just 20 minutes from Tunbridge Wells and is packed with tunnels to crawl through, colourful hanging snakes, a challenging cargo net, plenty of slides and much more!  

At Bewl Water, soft play sessions last for one hour and cost £5 per child. You can book online here, where adults and under 12 months go free.