Lone canoe

Summer Update from Howard McKenzie

With the lake 100% full, Bewl looks stunning to visitors on the Round Water Route that weaves through shady woodland with its rich green canopy and sunny meadowland with abundant wild flowers and butterflies. The bridleway has received its first cut back to control the ever present nettles, brambles and blackthorn that hamper access and numerous overhanging branches have been cleared.

The coppicing of the wood behind the Boat House is now complete and is well worth a look. This six year project has produced a healthy revitalised wood and the differing heights of cover give vastly improved biodiversity.

The rapid refill of the lake in the early months took its toll on water clarity and fishing has been varied with some good days and some difficult days. Things have now settled however, and, with the aerator line running, the water has cleared giving good sport with many fish fry-feeding close to the surface.

Fish stocking continues and to date over 26,000 pristine Rainbow trout of 2 to 3 ½ lbs have been introduced this season with 20000 more to come.