Pancake Day 2018

Traditionally a feast day, Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day as most of us call it, always falls 40 days before Easter, the day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. This year, Pancake Day is 13th February.

The reason we indulge in pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is because they contain fat, butter and eggs, all of which are forbidden ingredients during lent.

Pancakes have been featured in cookery books dating back as far as 1439 and the tradition of tossing or flipping them are just as old: “And every man and maide doe take their turne, And tosse their Pancakes up for feare they burne.” (Pasquil’s Palin, 1619).

Within the history of Pancake Day, legend has it that in 1445, in Buckinghamshire, a peasant woman was home frying pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, when she heard the church bells ringing, summoning everyone to attend the Shrove Tuesday service. On realising she would be late, she ran straight to the church, apron on, frying pan still in her grasp, and a cooked pancake within it!

Pancake Day is now a fun event that everyone takes part in. They can come in many shapes and sizes, and a variety of toppings both sweet and savoury. It’s also a great excuse to make a mess and throw your food around your kitchen; possibly the only day of the year!

We caught up with Andre Woodward, Head Chef at The Boat House Bistro at Bewl Water, who has shared his favourite pancake fillings:

Although I love sweet pancakes, I am also partial to a delicious savoury flavour! The following are good spins on the traditional lemon and sugar pancakes. A couple of my favourites are:

  • Avocado and smoked chicken with lemon crème fraiche- perfect for a light lunch!
  • Crab and tomato salsa- the textures and flavours work brilliantly together for something a little different

However sometimes you need a sweet treat afterwards, after all it is Pancake Day, and some of my personal favourites are:

  • Chocolate ganache with praline sprinkles- every chocolate lovers dream!
  • Caramelised pineapple with strawberry gel


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Happy Pancake Day!