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National Greenpeace Day

National Greenpeace day falls on Saturday 15th September. Whether you have an inner activist, are passionate about the environment or would like to know more about the world that surrounds us, Saturday is the day to listen. National Greenpeace begun back in 1971 when a group of 17 activists were protesting against off shore nuclear testing in Alaska. From that date, the internationally renowned organisation has substantially grown and continues to campaign for ecological issues around the world today. Their contribution to raising global awareness for environmental concerns has been huge and they have achieved a wealth of victories over eco-crimes. Just some of their impressive accomplishments include the ban of toxic dumping at sea, protecting whales by creating whale sanctuaries and educating young people about climate change. 

These mammoth triumphs may seem out of reach for us living our day to day life but the smallest changes of behaviour can all help us move towards a greener, juster and more peaceful world. Some simple yet effective things include signing petitions and encouraging others to do the same, being green at home and switching of unnecessary appliances, using paper straws and bringing your own carrier bags to shops. If you need some encouragement, visit Bewl Water and appreciate our stunning grounds. These views are bound to inspire change and the need to preserve and look after Earth, the place we call home.