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Meet The Boat House Bistro’s Head Chef…

How would you define your style of cooking?

I would say my style of cooking is international. I like to mix cuisines with flavour, being the most important to me followed by presentation. I try to use the very best ingredients with simple uncomplicated dishes letting the ingredients shine!

Who is your gastronomic hero?

Raymond Blanc I love his enthusiasm 

How long have you been in the industry? 30 years

Where did you gather most of your experience? When I was chef/proprietor at my own restaurant for 10 years

Top tip in the kitchen you live by? Lists! I couldn’t work without them to help me to keep organised

3 ingredients you couldn’t live without? Onions, Butter and Salt and pepper

Why do you feel a weekly changing market menu works well? I can always utilise the very best and in season produce at all times of the year. Eat the seasons!

What types of summer dishes can visitors expect to see on the menu? Lots of salads and fish dishes, light desserts with amazing English local fruit and berries

Do you work with many local suppliers? I do. My butcher uses meat and poultry from local farms even as close as Lamberhurst. My fruit and vegetable supplier is local and grows 80% of its own produce. I also use local cheeses. There is so much good quality local produce in Kent and Sussex

What is the best thing about working at The Boat House Bistro? It is a stunning place to work right on the water’s edge we have an amazing, hardworking team here and they are a pleasure to work with

What caused you to introduce the BHB Cookery School at The Boat House? Cookery is so popular at the moment we found there was a real demand. Our customers love to reproduce what they have eaten in the Bistro and to come and learn in a professional kitchen

What can attendees of the BHB Cookery School, expect to come away with following their time with you? Most people choose to cook a 3 course meal so all different techniques from sauces, baking, knife skills, meat and fish preparation. There is so much to learn from a technically difficult lemon souffle to a simple gravy or how to properly pan fry a fillet of seabass.