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May: National Walking Month

MAY: National Walking Month

1st May marks the start of National Walking Month, a month which is dedicated to taking walks in your surroundings and embracing nature, something we at Bewl Water love to do. What better time of year to share some of our walking tips to help you make the most out of the great outdoors.

  • Support– especially in your choice of footwear, this is essential. There would be nothing worse than finishing a refreshing walk only to discover an injury or blistering due to shoes which aren’t offering sufficient support.
  • Comfort– comfortable clothing allows you to walk freely, without the annoyance of too tight/ baggy clothing which will affect you throughout your walk and stop you relaxing and enjoying the views around you. Make sure you have lighter layers that you can add or remove when needed and aren’t too bulky to carry.
  • Hydrate– make sure you have a bottle of water on you, especially for longer walks. A handy travel bottle that you can clip on to a belt frees up your hands so you can walk freely- very useful!
  • Protect– make sure to carry a sachet of sunscreen on you at all times to make sure you are protected from any risk of sunburn, again, especially on longer walks.
  • Start slowly– gradually build up your walks- don’t start yourself on walks which may be too long or challenging initially. Gradually build up the distance and difficulty of you walk, this will also help you to stay motivated.
  • Variety– choose different walking routes when you set out on your hike, this again will keep you motivated and take in lots of different pretty views.

We have lots of routes and scenery for you to take in at Bewl Water. To walk around the WHOLE of Bewl Water it would take between 4-5 hours! So make sure you put your hiking boots on and head down this May!