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Keep Children Active!

With the rise of online technology and social media, it’s easy for our younger generation to get lost in the world of computers and phones. The importance of physical activity is becoming more and more apparent and is needed to be part of a fit and healthy lifestyle, improving not just health but self-confidence

With summer on our doorstep, what better time of the year to encourage the love of the outdoors and to keep our children active! Head to Bewl Water where we have some great facilities and ideas to help get your children out having fun in the great outdoors…

Cycle or walk the entire route of Bewl Water, set challenges and compete for the fastest time. Children love a healthy challenge!

Set an adventure trail. Get all your kids involved on a walk and keep them interested. Set them a list of nature objects to find on your walk and see who can get them all first.

Get on the water. We have a fantastic range of water activities at the reservoir, from pedalos to fishing – great fun for the whole family as well as being educational about the nature in and around Bewl Water.

Choose a goal to work towards. Sign up to a local 5k or 10k walk for charity then go for training to prepare yourself, gradually building up to the chosen distance. This will encourage children to not only keep fit and active, but teach them to practise and train to achieve their goals.

Sports and games. Teach your children that games don’t exist just on phones and tablets! Take a football, or rounders set out on your walk and play a few games! Fun and exercise go hand in hand!

Go on a dog walk. Either walk your own dog or offer to take a friend or neighbour’s dog, great exercise for everyone!

Make the most of all the fantastic outdoor pursuits on offer to all of our children, and head over to Bewl Water for lots of outdoor fun!