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Here comes the sun | Weather and work

“The beautiful English weather”… bet you never thought you’d be saying that. The current (and consistent!) weather conditions we have been experiencing are close to unbelievable and let’s be honest, are to be cherished. We go mad when the sun occasionally emerges from the clouds let alone reaches highs of 30 degrees – and rightly so. Obviously the weather is great for topping up your Vitamin D intake and hosting barbeques, however, what use is this whilst you’re stuck doing 40 hour weeks gazing at the sun lovingly from the office window?

Well, you may not consciously notice, the sun’s presence triggers certain chemicals in your brain and can improve your mood and therefore your motivation at work. If you’re thinking this just isn’t enough and you’d like to make the most of the sun before it disappears for what feels like an eternity, mix up your summer work routine. Introducing a summer dress code can make you and the team feel more relaxed and part of the summer vibe. Also, if your offices have an outside area, use this space to power through your work. Not only will you receive your fix of Vitamin D (which is great for strengthening bones and improving your immune system), you may finish your tasks quicker than usual and have the sunny afternoon to utilise as you please. At Bewl Water you could intertwine all these options and use our rooms or grounds to work your way through this beautiful British Summer time.