Restaurant Head Chef

Have a picnic with us this summer


No posh picnic is complete without a camembert and a French bread stick. Bring a selection of cheeses to start your picnic off – Stilton, Wensleydale, Goats cheese – the options are endless! Other essentials, of course, are pork pies and lean burgers topped with delicious slices of halloumi. Push the boat out even further and enjoy a bottle of full bodied red to compliment your meat and cheese feast!

For fish lovers, why not make your own smoked salmon cream bagels topped with dill or tuna niscose salads.


Bring your portable barbeque and throw some Linda Mccartney mozzarella burgers on! They are the perfect meat substitute and taste amazing in a fresh floured roll with salad. If burgers aren’t your thing, Quorn veggie sausages are another option! While you wait why not get yourself some Quorn scotch eggs, falafels balls and Mediterranean olives. All perfect to satisfy that pre-burger hunger!



Lay on a spread that’s full of fun for the kids and encourages healthy eating. Bring some large empty jam jars and various containers full of different salad options. Get them to create their own salad jar from the options you’ve brought with you. Alternatively – if they’ve been extra good – ask them to build their own dessert jar, full of all their favourite goodies.



Make your other half the sweetest picnic of all time – literally! Forget the savoury snacks and indulge in all your favourite sweet treats. Why not go for a romantic red theme and pack the following foods: strawberries (dipped in chocolate of course!), pink popcorn, cherry flavoured brownies… all washed down with homemade sangria. For extra cheesiness, throw around some red rose petals…

Bring your picnic to beautiful Bewl and eat to your hearts content whilst admiring the beautiful panoramic views which surround you!