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Halloween for Kids

October 31st marks Halloween each year, a time where trick-or-treaters go knocking, fancy dress outfits are bought and many sweets are consumed. The annual event is celebrated internationally in schools, at homes and within youth groups. Below are our ways you and your family can get into the Halloween spirit this October.

  • Spooky cooking
    Impress your family with ghoulishly good food by adding a Halloween twist to your recipes! Make Halloween-esque biscuits – buy pastry cutters that outline your favourite Halloween monsters and enjoy tasty treats in the shape of ghosts, spiders or even witch’s hats!
  • Pumpkin carving
    Arguably the one thing that best represents Halloween – pumpkins! Visit your local market or food store and buy a few pumpkins for your friends and family. Spend a fun afternoon carving facial expression into the large fruit. Will your pumpkin turn out happy, sad, surprised, shocked or angry? Create a hole from the top down so once it’s dark, a small tea light or lantern can be added for an extra spooky source of light. The perfect way to showcase your Halloween celebrations!
  • Watch scary movies
    Celebrate Halloween with a cosy evening from the comfort of your home this October. Grab some popcorn, a blanket and put on a scary movie on. Perhaps not too scary for the young ones…
  • Dress up
    No Halloween is complete without an outrageously striking fancy dress outfit! Dig deep into the loft to find your favourite Halloween past times or visit your local supermarket for their selection of creepy clothes. Dress up as witches, mummys, zombies, ghosts… the list is endless. Go the extra mile and purchase some cheap fake blood, great for freaking out family members!
  • Attend Bewl Water’s Halloween parties!
    Do your young ones have a birthday coming up in October or simply fancy celebrating Halloween? At Bewl Water they can enjoy a spooky twist to their party between the 20th October and 4th November. For more information call 01892 890000.