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Getting into the Pride spirit at work

The UK’s Pride season is upon us and thousands of people around the country have been flocking to their local towns and cities to participate in the festivities. As much as we’d love to, we can’t all be there, so why not bring a slice of Pride to your office this month? Here are some tips to participate in Pride from the office.

  1. Get people in the know
    Not everyone will be clued up on Pride, so spreading the word is key! Send an all staffer email to get your colleagues in the spirit – you could introduce an office theme to bring the celebrations to life.
  2. Colour
    The rainbow flag is absolutely synonymous with the LGBTQ community and is particularly abundant at Pride. For anyone attending Pride events, you’ll be outnumbered by rainbows for sure! One of the easiest ways to bring the Pride spirit is getting some flags of your own.
  3. Party time
    A themed office lunch is always a mood improver, be it birthday’s, company anniversaries or just a typical Wednesday! Adventure outside of the usual one-hour time slot and remodel your communal area for Pride – it’s a great way to get everyone away from their desks for lunch and to immerse yourselves in the Pride spirit. Rainbow flags, rainbow cake, balloons and a Pride playlist are top of the list.
  4. Leave the office
    If staying in the office isn’t sufficient enough to get into the Pride spirit, leave the office and host your own Pride party. Bewl Water has the grounds and facilities to cater to any type of corporate event.

While Pride is an easy way to encourage a bit of fun and light-heartedness, don’t forget the real importance of the annual event. Pride embodies the progress we have made as a society, standing up for inclusiveness, human rights and above all, loveMake sure these values are the perfect centrepiece to your celebrations.