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Fun Facts About Walking

In a world full of diet plans and exercise guidelines, sometimes it’s easier to keep it simple. Physical activity doesn’t need to be complicated and walking is a great to get fit and stay healthy. Below are some fun facts about walking.

  • Walking is a mood improver and great for mental health
  • Walking sideways burns more calories than walking forward – this is due to the effort it takes to make your body work in unfamiliar ways
  • The word walk comes from the word, wealcan, which is an Old English word and literally means  “to roll”
  • If you walk 9000 steps a day it will equate to walking around the Earth 3.5 times in an average lifetime
  • Walking improves balance and coordination
  • George Meegan holds the world record for the longest unbroken walk. He walked 19,019 miles in 2,425 days covering the entire western hemisphere
  • The average person walks at pace of 3.1 miles per hour
  • Naturally, walking instead of driving reduces your carbon footprint and is better for the environment
  • To burn off a quarter of a large pizza the average person would have to walk for 1 hour 23 minutes constantly

At Bewl Water, our 12 ½ mile scenic route is open to walkers all year round and follows a collection of forest paths, country lanes and all weather surfaces. There is a section suitable for wheelchairs with wide tyres between Seven Pound Creek Jetty and Hatherells Jetty. The well-maintained paths around the lake are suitable for most abilities, but if you simply can’t go any further you can hop aboard a Water Taxi and do the rest of the journey in style! Get walking!