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Finding time to exercise at work

It’s the week England made history and won on penalties! It’s also the month where you watch men run constantly for 90 minutes and more than likely think to yourself at some point… how do they do that when I can barely run up the stairs?

We all know what it’s like to promise ourselves that we’ll get up an hour earlier to go to the gym before work or do a session on the way home. However, when the time comes, that hour in bed is just that little bit more attractive and that hour in the evening is one more hour away from dinner being ready. Finding time to exercise at work can be hard but exercising has its benefits, mentally as well as physically. As we all know exercise is great for your body and can help your physique, reduce your waist line and add years to your life but the mental effects can actually benefit your work productivity. Exercise helps with recalling sharper memories, making decisions, feeling relaxed and generally being more energetic throughout the day. So why not help your colleagues out and find time for exercise during the work day? Whether this be daily, weekly, fortnightly or whenever suits your company’s timetable, Bewl Water has activities to get your teams’ heart rate rising. Alternatively, visit us and use our grounds to hold your own exercise classes.

Some exercise ideas for work:

  • Lunch time walks
  • If you can: walk, cycle or jog to work instead of commuting
  • Squats at your desk
  • Tricep dips
  • Sit on a stability ball
  • Walk whilst on a phone call
  • Get that printing yourself (!)