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Father Christmas & The Bewl Water Christmas Experience in association with Childrensalon – Chapter 5

The next morning the snow continued to fall outside and Mr and Mrs Claus laid like two pigs in blankets in bed, reading side by side. Mrs Claus looked up from her bakery book and asked Mr Claus a question. “What are you doing today dear? Under two week’s until you make your way to Kent.” Mr Claus put down the pile of wish-lists that he was still powering through and said “Today, I am collecting my suit and visiting the barbers. These are my final preparations for The Bewl Water Christmas Experience”.

*Later down the ice-street*

Ding went the bell on the barber’s door that informed everyone someone had arrived, that someone being Father Christmas. “Ho Ho Ho How are you all?”, Mr Claus addressed the room.

“Father Christmas!”, the entire room of barbers and customers replied in unison. “Have you come for your annual trim?” Father Christmas’s special barber continued. Father Christmas had come for his yearly trim and he was even more excited for it this year. He explained about the Bewl’s Christmas event and how his appearance was even more important this year. “I completely understand Mr Claus, take a seat and we’ll get you sorted”.

Father Christmas managed to squeeze himself into the barber’s chair… are these seats elf-sized he thought, or did Mrs Claus have a point about the mince pies? The barber happily snipped away and gracefully fashioned Father Christmas’ long white beard into a superb rounded shape.

“There we go”, smiled the barber looking at Father Christmas in the mirror in front. “All cut and shaped. I do have one more thing that would add to your look this year”.
“Oh yes and what may that be?” Father Christmas sounded intrigued, he’d had the same cut and shape for as long as he could remember.
“Beard oil”, the barber replied as he reached for a small bottle. “It’s what all the youngsters are doing nowadays, it’s really in”.
“Well I am a youngster at heart, go for it”, Father Christmas replied without deliberation. This wasn’t like him, the excitement for Bewl Water’s Christmas Experience definitely had something to do with it. The barber gently applied some beard oil to Mr Claus’ beard and then stepped back to admire. A huge grin appeared on Mr Claus’ face as he took in the glistening beard in the mirror, “I look fabulous!”

Next stop, picking up the suit.

Father Christmas continued down the ice-street nodding and smiling to the locals who were always so thrilled to see him. “Good luck at Bewl Water Mr Claus” they would chirped. Father Christmas reached the tailors shop, exchanged pleasantries and headed to the changing rooms where his new suit hung proudly. Father Christmas slowly put on the perfectly tailored red suit and placed the bobble hat on his freshly trimmed head of hair. He was delighted with what he saw in the mirror, so much so that he flung open the changing room curtain and shouted ‘Ta Daaaaa!”. The tailor clapped with joy, another successful year, Father Christmas looked amazing… even if the suit was a few inches wider around the waist this time…


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