Exclusive Interview with The Dog Store

Big Dog Day out at Bewl Water is nearly here- hurray! With plenty to do for the whole family and our four legged friends, we are finding it hard to contain our excitement!

This week we are getting to know some of our very exciting exhibitors, here’s our exclusive interview with The Dog Store, who are based in Canterbury. The Dog Store provides the best products and care for your furry friends! The dog store has a fantastic grooming store that will give your dog anything from a quick wash and brush to the full works with all of their luxury treatments.


Tell us about The Dog Store?

We’re a shop in the heart of Canterbury city centre, selling a range of good quality (and affordable) items for dogs. We also do Dog Grooming in our Spa at the rear of the shop! We encourage people to come to us for advice and even hold doggy lectures and training in store!

When did you start The Dog Store?

The store has been open for almost a year now. We’ll be celebrating our Birthday with a big sale on the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend!

Do you have any dogs?

Yes! We have a Border Collie called Pete, he’s the Manager (and the entire inspiration for the store). He comes to Dog Store with us most days to test out the treats and toys. He gets Employee of the Month every month without fail too (much to our disgust!).   

What’s your favourite breed and why?

We love Border Collies for obvious reasons. Staffies are also high up on our list as they are so loving and not a difficult breed to take care of.

Do you have any top tips for Dog Owners?

Always 😊. I’d say always choose quality food and treats and be careful of “animal derivatives” or low % of meat in food and treats. If you feed them well they will reward you with low vet bills as they get older!  

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