Celebrate your Corporate Anniversary!

Did you know? Celebrating an anniversary can strengthen a relationship, whether that’s business or personal. Celebrating as a team will remind the group of all the happy memories the company has shared over time, the achievements you’ve attained as well as giving you the opportunity to give everyone an idea of where you are all heading.

Tying in reward ceremonies at milestone celebrations, including longstanding employees, commitment to the company or simply hard work and dedication, can give your employees something to work towards each year. Allow a short amount of time for these rewards as part of the event.

Promoting the companies vision, brand and values can also be achieved through a celebratory occasion. Having the team together gives you an advantage when discussing the strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities along the way, including what hasn’t worked so well, whilst emphasising the positive results following any changes.

With so many party options, here at Bewl Water we have plenty to choose with a helpful team who are available to guide you through it all and make sure you select the right one for your event.

Previously at Bewl, we’ve had celebrations including a Hollywood themed dinner party in the Boat House Bistro overlooking the stunning views of the reservoir,


fun team building activities including laser tag, rowing boats and cycling

and chartered fishing trips out on the water!

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