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Best Walks in West Kent

We all need to go for a walk every now and then. Whether it’s to clear your mind, take a nice walk after dinner or just for the sheer pleasure of being outdoors, we love to go for walks in the countryside. This has become even more popular since the initial Covid-19 lockdown when going for a walk was about all you could do – it made us appreciate the great outdoors like we have never before. West Kent has some of the best walking paths and routes in the entire country. Take a look at some of the following for yourself where we detail some of the best walks in Kent.

High Elms to Downe

Distance 3.6 miles. Time taken 1.5 hours.

This is a walk that starts off in High Elms, about half a mile behind the High Elms golf club. Go through the footpath that is across the meadow, and you will enter a woodland area. The path will continue on through the woods and as you go, you will pass through several posts that show you where you are. The path will then join up with the High Elms Trail. You can then go onto the grass which will get you down to the T-junction. If you then turn left you will be led up the path to North End Lane. You can then follow this round and keep going around until you find the edge of the golf course, and then turn towards the path going into it and you should return back to where you started.

Bewl water

Distance 12.5 miles. Time taken 4-6 hours.

If you like longer walks, this one is incredibly rewarding! You will be in the midst of some of the finest countryside England has to offer. There’s always help on the trail, with many of the organisers and leaders carrying first aid kits and local emergency contacts are available should they be required. The Bewl Water walk starts at Rosemary Lane, then goes onto Dunsters Mill, Burnt Lodge Lane and Wards Lane. All of these are starting points too, so you can join in as the walk is in progress if you don’t fancy the whole thing!

Bewl Water is an incredible walk, but it requires you to have the right walking boots, patience and stamina. We think it is well worth it for the fabulous views!

Joydens Wood

Distance 2.1 miles. Time taken 1 hour

As you can tell from the name, this is a woodland walk. It’s also one of the Best Walks in West Kent. Go to Summerhouse Drive and head into the wood. Go downhill and further along the path. When you get to the bottom point, turn right and the trail will continue. When you go further, you will see a post sign which says ‘viewpoint’. You can sit down and observe the gorgeous view or take photos while standing on the bench to remind you of your adventure. Just follow the trail around and follow the signs to keep close to the exit path. The paths don’t go in a circle shape, so be wary.

We hope this is a useful guide – if you want more detail on the Bewl Water walk then have a look through the dedicated walking section on our website.