A walker posing with his dog.

Best Activities For Dog Walks

When you have a dog at home, daily walks quickly become part of your routine, especially if your dog is a high energy breed such as a spaniel or labradoodle. Here at Bewl our 12 ½ mile route is open to dogs at all times throughout the year, with many dog walkers visiting Bewl to exercise their dogs throughout the day. If your dog will respond when you call, then you are free to exercise your dog off the lead at any point other than when walking through the Bewl Water nature reserve. Here at Bewl Water we ask that dogs are kept on the leash while in the nature reserve, as there are wild species that could be disturbed if your dog is not kept on a lead.  

A dog walk each day can be a great way to maintain your fitness and bond with your dog, but if you keep to the same routes each day your dog walk can become just another part of your routine. Finding new and interesting ways to enjoy your time outside will help you to enjoy your walks as much as your dog does.  

Bird Watching

Bewl Water is home to a wide variety of fish, birds and flora as well as a variety of wild species of mammal. If you are walking the Bewl Water route with your dog, keeping an eye out for birds can be a great way to pass the time. If you spot any species that you don’t immediately recognise then you can take a photo or video of the bird and search for the species when you get home. 

This hobby can entertain year after year, as the seasons change. Migratory birds come in winter and summer, varying the species that you can spot on and around Bewl Water. There are also many types of wildflowers and trees in the area for onlookers to observe and enjoy while out on a walk – all of which can make beautiful photographs in the right light.  

Bring a Friend

While we often go out on dog walks or hikes alone or with family, finding new or old friends who also have dogs to plan a dog walk together can turn a chore in to an exciting and social part of your calendar. Dogs, like people, enjoy socialising and spending time together, even if it is only for a short while each week. If you don’t have friends that live in your area with dogs, then inviting a friend out for a walk to exercise your dog together can be a great way to share the wonderful experiences you have with your pet with friends who may not have the time to take care of a dog themselves. 

If you want to add more dog walks with friends to your schedule, making a weekly appointment with a group of friends, or your family can be a great way to make sure that your pooch gets plenty of time outdoors. 


Those who spend an hour a day exercising outside are far more likely to lead healthy lives, as the outdoor exercise with your dog can be a wonderful way to train your fitness. As well as dog walking, activities such as running, cycling or even riding around Bewl Water are welcomed, and your dog will likely enjoy accompanying you around the loop as well.  

Dog walking is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy, with daily walks and runs doing wonders for your general wellbeing. Your dog will be ever eager for some time spent outside as you train, and will be delighted to keep you company. Having a companion with you as you create a training schedule can help you keep to your calendar and spend time outside. 

A walker posing with his dog. 


Bringing out art supplies and practising some watercolours or sketches while taking your dog out for a walk can become cumbersome, with most art supplies being rather bulky to carry around with you. Photography can offer a way to explore art and the natural landscape in a far more transportable way – most people carry a phone with a camera on it with them whenever they are heading out.  

If you enjoy painting, drawing or even sculpture, then you can use your photos of the reservoir or other routes you use regularly for dog walks as a reference for your artwork.  


Heading out on a dog walk and experiencing the beauty of the outdoors is a wonderful way to spend your time. Mindfulness and meditation are becoming a popular way to de-stress and get the most you possibly can from your time outside. 

Mindfulness means concentrating your thoughts on what you are experiencing in the moment and increasing your awareness of your senses. Taking the time to focus on the sensations of your dog walk, such as the smell of wildflowers, the sound of birds and the feel of wind on your face can be a fantastic way for you to de-stress and relax. Taking the time to sit down on one of our benches and go through some meditation exercises is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors.  

Bring Some Toys

If you want to entertain both yourself and your dog for hours on end, then bringing a few toys like tennis balls or a rope can be great fun for you to play with. Spending time playing with your dog can help deepen your bond and help keep them focused on you.  

The hardest part of taking a dog to somewhere like Bewl Water is the distractions for your pet; new smells, other dogs and wildlife will be all around them, which can be more interesting than staying with you. Having treats and toys for your dog to focus on can keep them calm and close to you so that they stay under tight control throughout the walk. Be careful throwing any toys too far, though, as if they land in a tree or the reservoir you may not be able to retrieve them.  

If you are planning a dog walk at Bewl Water, then please contact us here for more information. If you need a map to help you find your way around the reservoir, then follow the link here